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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Bike Ride And A New Lock

Location: Marathon, FL (High 81, Low 74)

IMG_3181Yesterday was another great day in the Keys. We went out on the bike path twice. Our first outing was n the morning when we got out there for our morning run of four miles. I was pretty happy with how I did, especially given the humidity level of 94%. Our half marathon is now two weeks away! I may end up having to do some run/walk during the half but overall I’m feeling pretty positive.






Later in the afternoon we ventured out again to give our bikes a spin for the first time since last August when we were up in the Adirondacks.




The really nice thing about riding or doing anything else here is that there aren’t any elevation changes. I’ve never been in a place that is this flat before. It’s great.


In between our two outings, Harry worked on a mod that he has been talking about for a while now. We had a Southco lock on our rv that was a hard wired remote lock. We each had a fob to lock/unlock the door, but it didn’t always work. Humidity and/or rain would cause the contacts on the door jam to corrode and then our remotes wouldn’t work until Harry cleaned off the contacts with an emory cloth. We still had keys so we could still lock and unlock our door but it was a little frustrating at times when we would be leaving and push the remote to have nothing happen. Then we’d have to dig the keys out. Not a huge problem but just a little constant irritation. So for a while, Harry has been thinking about upgrading our lock and at the end of December we finally broke down and ordered it…an RVLock with an integrated keypad and remote.

Yesterday was installation day…



First, remove the old lock.





Remove the actuator, which is the mechanism that locked and unlocked the door remotely.





Old and new…





Getting the new one screwed into place…





New lock in place!


This one only came with one remote fob, and I didn’t want to spend the additional $40 to get a second one. However, with this lock, we don’t really need two remotes because we can also lock and unlock the door with our code. So far, we’re really happy with our purchase and glad we made the decision to go ahead and upgrade our lock.


  1. Good job on the lock change. Our door sticks sometimes, but it's not from the lock and we're not sure what to do about it.

    You're right about it being flat in the Keys. We're dreaming of the Keys and hope to be down there sometime next month. Enjoy

  2. Wow, that new lock looks neat. I would love to not have to carry my keys when we venture out, maybe a project for the future?

  3. that new lock looks like a great idea!!

  4. Great post! We spent 90 days in FL last winter with two weeks in Big Pine Key. We loved it. Doing Arizona this winter. Coffeyville was a pleasant surprise for us..stowing and crisplant. Thought the closing would make it horrible, but it really didn't. The regulars were great. Much of the management were gone. We received no talk about "our numbers". Had two socials... We chose to work nights since we liked it at BeetHarvest...glad we did. It was only 7 weeks for us just like at Campbellsville. Good luck with your marathon!! Happy Trails and Godspeed.

  5. What brand/model lock did you get? Where did you order it from? We have been thinking of changing out our lock as well. Does your model still use keys as a back-up? Thanks and good luck with the half marathon!

    1. It's from http://www.rvlock.com/ - Black lock with integrated keypad. There are three ways to open the door - there is a remote fob, two keys and it can be unlocked also by using a code. So far we have found it very convenient.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes...we are tackling a nine mile run later this week The half is coming fast!!

  6. For anyone interested in the RV lock we installed in our rig, if you have full body paint on your rig you may have a small portion of unpainted area exposed after the lock install. Not a problem, after you install your lock just call RVLock customer service and explain the issue, and request a trim kit. They will send it out free of charge and no shipping cost. I learned about the availability of this trim kit via the Heartland Owners forum. I knew we were going to encounter this issue and attempted to request the trim kit before we did the install, but RVLock would not do so. Called yesterday and requested it, no problem they are sending it right out. Must be some kind of cost saving measure so they don't provide it for installs where it is not necessary. Good luck and enjoy your new lock if you purchase it.