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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Family Time!

Location: Garrettsville, OH (High 55, Low 39)

I still plan to blog about our other cruise days, but decided to do a blog post to catch everyone up on where we are currently. We have been enjoying a great month here in Ohio having some quality time with our grandsons (and their parents).



We were so happy when Gretchen and family moved to Ohio last year because it is a much more RV friendly location to visit than MA was. We have planned two month-long stops here this year, and the first one has been going by so fast!


I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again now…for me, one of the very best things about fulltime rv’ing is the ability to spend lots of quality time with family while having our own home there to go back to at night. If Harry and I were still working, or even retired with a house, we would only see our little guys for maybe a week at a time. And we would either be staying near them at a hotel, or having them at our house. But instead, we are able to be right nearby for weeks at a time, picking the boys up from daycare and school…being here for things like First Communion and school concerts, being able to form a real relationship based on time spent together…there’s nothing better.



It’s been a pretty cool and rainy spring so far, but I’ve been happy with the number of runs we’ve managed to get in. It’s a little less than our plan calls for, but still, three runs a week isn’t bad. And we’ve done all our long runs – last weekend we ran ten miles! We are now just a month away from our half marathon in Plymouth, MA.


This area is also very nice because of the number of 13087639_10209852020803957_3378642557562013862_nwalking trails there are around here. We have four different trails to choose from for our training runs. So far we have checked out three of them. Two are firm packed nature-type trails and the other is paved. One of the trails is more like a dirt road. There are A LOT of Amish in this area, and even though there is a sign saying ‘no buggies’ near the trailhead, it is obvious that the trail is used more like a road. I feel like I’ve gone back in time running down a road with obvious signs of horse and buggy traffic, old fashioned homes with farm animals grazing in the small fenced pastures on either side. (And having to watch where I step, if you know what I mean.)

It’s been a great and fun few weeks here in Ohio, with one more to go! It will be hard to say goodbye to our little guys, but we’re also looking forward to more family time up in NY.