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Friday, March 6, 2015

Where to Start?

Location: Avon Park, FL (High 81, Low 57)

We’ve been here now at Adelaide Shores for almost five weeks and are enjoying ourselves immensely. I keep thinking that I need to do a blog entry and then the day goes along and bam! it’s gone.



Most of our days are jam packed but with normal kinds of activities.


IMG_20150303_135229076Yesterday we had our last tennis lesson, as the resident who has been doing the instruction will be leaving to start heading north. (Not too far north yet, just to northern FL and then southern GA for the next few weeks)

After we got done at Amazon in December, we really tried to cut back on going out to eat all the time. We figured it was better for both our budget and our waistlines! 11045745_10206591637376409_107083440_oOn a good month, we will eat out about a half a dozen times. Both in January and February, we were able to stick to this goal. I think this month might be a little more challenging – it’s only the end of the first week and we’ve already almost reached that number. 996116_10206327465333382_3594789839494423472_nLast Monday we went for a ride with Jim and Dee to one of their favorite places…Parksdale Farm Market.  Yum. Strawberry shortcake.



Also on Monday Mike and Terri arrived for a short visit on their way to their next gig. And of course that was a good excuse to do a lot of chatting and a lot of eating!




Tuesday at a local eatery…Hotel Jacaranda in Avon Park.



and Wednesday night at another spot for some Mexican..Don Jose in Sebring.




Also, on Wednesday Mike, Terri, Harry and I went over to the state park again to check out the trails. And of course hopefully see some more gators. 


We had some great luck!




Saw a baby on our first trail…




and a much larger alligator on our second…







In between all of those fun outings, we’ve also been keeping up our running! We finished February with a nice total of 92 miles, and so far this month we’re off to a good start with five days of running for a total of 21 miles.

IMAG0161Harry has also been continuing his work on a few projects around here that have been on his to do list for a while. This week’s was a reworking of the plumbing connections in the docking center.

He now has it set up so one hose can be utilized to make all water connections in the docking center. He installed the valves so he can easily turn the water off to the trailer and also turn the water on and off to the black flush system.

And, last but not least, we are officially Florida residents. Just a couple days after my last blog post, we got a phone call from DMV letting us know that our truck title had come in. So we went right over and quickly took care of our last registration. All done!

It’s been a great winter so far and we still have about a month left in Florida before we start our trek north for the summer.


  1. Time sure does fly, and we are all looking forward to the next year. Yes, eating out does increase our waistelines, and our food budget numbers! we try to stick to lunches or breakfasts out. A littlecheaper.

  2. We've been pretty much sticking to one eating event a week with our friends. Of course my Mom takes us out to eat almost every Sunday which helps our budget but not our waists! I've been walking almost every day, so I haven't gained any weight since Amazon, which I'm happy about! You guys are having a great time there for sure.

  3. Just stopped in to say that I've been following your blog since the beginning and enjoy it a great deal. Thanks