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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Visiting, Spring is Sprung, and More Mods

Location: Catskill, NY (High 77, Low 41)

It’s been a busy week! It started out with a trip to see Harry’s daughter and her family. We had a fun time on Sunday but it was too short 11187994_10207040369354428_186874438_owith more time in the truck than we spent actually there. I did get this great selfie of me with our younger little guy. We are looking forward to August when we will be spending several weeks nearby when we will get a lot of time to spend with the kids.


It seems like we have finally turned a corner and the weather has turned for the better. The leaves are finally starting to come out. This is one of my favorite times of year.


My week has been quiet but good. I’ve gotten back to my running after several weeks of relative inactivity. It sure doesn’t take long to start losing the progress. It feels good to be back in business. Other than that, I’ve been spending several hours most weekdays at my sister’s office working to tame their records room.

ATT_1430240986144_imageHarry’s been busy around here ticking things off his list. One of the biggies on his list was completed this week when he relocated the water pump in the basement. He’s never been happy with its location as it was right in the way anytime that any work was needed in the underbody. Harry really noticed it last fall when he had to crawl in there to replace the water heater and accidentally kneeled on the water pump trying to work his way back out. Since then it’s been one of the projects that he really wanted to get accomplished and yesterday was the day.


In order to move the pump, Harry had to reorient the line from the fresh water tank and the line going to the trailer water supply. He also  had to keep them all smooth without kinks so the water would continue to flow easily. There is now a relatively clear path through the center back to the other underbody areas of the rig.ATT_1430241125243_image


The water pump is now out of the way.


Harry’s other project this week wasn’t a mod, but definitely needed. IMAG0179Our pin box has been getting some rust spots on it, so Harry gave a bit of a refresher. This is a before shot, although Harry had already sanded down the rust spot before he took this picture.



All spiffed up!






Looks good as new!

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  1. Most RV Manufacturers just throw things together because it saves time and if there is nothing else supposedly going into and that empty space they put something right in the middle of it. Good job Harry!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.