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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lovin’ San Antonio

Location: San Antonio, TX (High 76, Low 60)

San Antonio has easily jumped right to the top of the list of favorite places we have been this winter! We had a great first day exploring.


After getting up and enjoying our morning cups of coffee, we made our way across the street to catch the bus downtown. The bus comes by every half hour so it’s really convenient. ($1.20/person one way)



The bus dropped us off right in the Riverwalk/Alamo location. A few steps and we were taking our first look at the Riverwalk. It was not what I had expected, and I loved it! I had pictured something like Savannah and New Orleans, but this was so much nicer.



There was a wonderful walkway, and every so often a nice little arched bridge crossing to the other side of the water.



We enjoyed watching the boats giving the tour of the waterway. We plan to do that later this week. Yesterday we just wanted to walk around and get a bite to eat.




There are so many choices for places to eat. I loved the little seating areas right on the water. (I did see at least one that advertised as pet friendly on the patio.)



We had a hard time picking one, but wanted to try some Mexican so that at least narrowed our choices somewhat. We ended up eating at Casa Rio’s. Yum.









After lunch we headed out to find the Alamo. I’ve heard other people say it was smaller than they expected, so I was prepared…but it really was small. Pictures aren’t allowed inside.








After visiting the Alamo, we decided to make our way back to the campground, so we found the bus stop and had maybe a twenty minute wait for the next bus heading for the KOA. We were happy that taking the public transportation was a pretty simple process.



We got back to the campground about 2 pm. It was cloudy still but warm. Before we got too settled, we went out to do our run, and then we just had a relaxing rest of the day. We are looking forward to the rest of our week here.


  1. We really enjoyed San Antonio and the riverwalk, was really decorated up for the holidays when we went last time.

  2. So glad you enjoyed San Antonio. It has always been one of my favorite getaway spots. It's hard to beat Casa Rio! I first went there as a child . . . so it's been thriving for several decades. Enjoy your stay and thanks for sharing. It was good to see some of my Texas!

  3. We really want to go back and explore San Antonio a bit more than we did. The River Walk was great, and we were there between Thanksgiving & Christmas. They had all the lights up for the holidays, it was beautiful!

  4. Hello Jessica and Harry,
    I'm a fulltimer wantabe... I figure I've got another year, spring 2015. I've enjoyed reading your blog and the Amazon experience was great info.
    I've read from the beginning so now it's just maintenance, lol.
    Enjoy Texas and happy trails!
    Carlene aka Waianaegal

  5. Thank goodness you made that tour when you did. Look at the weather we have today. We are staying in a COE camp on a lake about 40 minutes outside S. A. Had planned on doing River Walk and Alamo today. HA! Rain, and temperatures in the 40's? No River Walk for us today!

    1. Yes, definitely today is a hunker down and stay inside kind of day!