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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Enjoying the Adirondacks!

Location: Peru, NY (High 73, Low 55)

IroquoisWe had a pretty quick and uneventful trip north this past Monday to Iroquois Campground in Peru, NY. We have stayed here several times and have always been on the same site. It is pretty wide-open, although there are enough trees surrounding us that we always have issues with our rooftop satellite. Luckily we get the main channels through the antenna and we are not around too much to be looking to watch tv.


We have only been here a few days and we have made the most of it so far. On Tuesday we took a really nice bike ride along Lake Champlain. We haven’t really been biking since last summer so our posterior regions were a little sore, but otherwise we were in great shape for the 20 mile bike ride. Our 7 months of running is paying off!


Wednesday was a pretty relaxing day. I had a massage in the morning and Harry and I took a short walk. Then in the evening we went to a free “Concert on the Bluff” at the local community college, which is actually where I started my college studies. IMG_2799

I haven’t been back to the grounds since I graduated back in 1986. It was so strange to walk around the grounds and buildings and have it hardly even look familiar. Of course, almost 30 years is a long time! It was definitely more beautiful than I remember! IMG_2803


The concert was very nice. It was a local artist singing Adirondack-style music. There were children and young people dancing along, which was as much fun to watch as the performers.



It was a beautiful night and there was a really good crowd.




LCrun1This morning Harry and I went for a six mile run along Lake Champlain. It was a really beautiful morning for a run, and even better, it was cool enough that we were able to go out a little later than 6 am!



We stopped for a water break and to take a couple pictures by the lake.


Since then, the rest of the day has been pretty laid-back. There have been thunderstorms in our area for the past several hours so we have been inside for most of the day. After today, we have a stretch of really nice weather coming, and we have some fun outdoor activities planned!

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  1. Looks like a lovely area! Nice to have coolish weather I bet :)