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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Almost Floridians

Location: Avon Park, FL (High 74, Low 61)


This past Sunday we lucked out again with another really nice traveling day. It was a beautiful ride along the water. With it being Sunday, the traffic near Miami was also minimal, and we easily traveled along to our exit for Route 27.



Route 27 turned out to be a really nice four lane highway, and like all the other roads, was pretty deserted. It was a wonderfully uneventful trip.




The most excitement we had was driving along some fields of sugar cane that were being burned.




After about a five hour trip, we arrived at our next stop…Adelaide Shores RV Resort. We are parked next to Dee and Jim (Tumbleweed).



This resort is like a little town and we have already used our bikes to get around here more than we have used them in all of the past two years.

We went to Walmart a couple days ago and bought some tennis raquets, and spent an hour that afternoon playing tennis. It has been years for both of us, so we aren’t good at all, but we had a great time and really got a workout. I see many hours of playing tennis in our future over the next two months.

10969350_10206395025101225_1344741945_oYesterday we went over to DMV and got the registration process started. Alliant Credit Union, where we have the fiver financed, was nice enough to send us our title, so we were able to get that one moved over completely yesterday. We have the truck with Ally and they wouldn’t do anything without the request from Florida DMV so we just got the ball rolling yesterday and will have to go back to DMV in a few weeks when they get the title from Ally. But at least we’re one step further!

I am still having a good time with the Plan to Eat website. We went grocery shopping today and I bought ingredients for a few new recipes so maybe I will do a few cooking blogs over the next few days. Smile

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