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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Long Overdue Catch Up Post!

Once again, catching up on a few months of blog-less-ness. We had a fast and fun summer around here. The highlight of our summer was our grandsons' visit.

Harry flew to Ohio in June and flew down with the boys.

They stayed with us for 6 weeks and we had a wonderful time.

I took several hundred pictures while they were here but have tried to pick a few of my favorites to share here.

Of course we had to do Disney! Unfortunately I was working throughout the summer, but I managed to fit in a few strategically placed personal days so that we could take a few three day trips to Disney. 

We also spent a few days at a hotel on Cocoa Beach. This was the surprise hit of the summer. I think it was the part of our traveling that we all enjoyed the most. I have already booked a week at another beach for next year!

During the non-travel parts of our visit, we enjoyed hanging out at home and took daily trips to the pool. We had the typical hot Florida summer weather with daily storms, but we managed to fit in a decent amount of outside time anyway. And being in our home, small as it was, seemed very spacious compared to our previous visits staying in the fifth wheel!

And speaking of fifth wheel, this has been one whirlwind week in that department. On Monday, we showed the rv to a woman who is local to this area. She loved it and we agreed on a sale price. It hasn't completely changed hands yet, but we should be finishing everything up within the next week or so. On the same day that we made this agreement, we heard from someone in Homestead FL who was interested in the truck. He drove up yesterday and yes, now our truck is sold as well!

So I guess this is officially the end of this chapter for us. In a few years we would like to look into buying a smaller Class B or C so we can do some more traveling on a part-time basis, but for now we are taking a break.


  1. Congratulations on getting that chapter of your life done. I'm sure it's a weight off your shoulders.

  2. Was wondering what was up with you guys.. We planned to go to FL to check out place again in the haines city and davenport area, 55 plus communities, but the hurricane prevented that so might not happen till 2021.

    So my question now that you have endured a summer, HOW was it?? We live in NC and this summer was brutal with heat and the humidity make it unbearable at times..

    I remember you guy are down in Avon park. We have been looking at place in the area FrostFroof at Lily Lake and north in davenport and haines city.. One place is beside the Lowes home improvement store :) in haines city.

    SO coming from NY was this a good move or is the heat/humidity a bear.

    thanks for your info have a good winter.