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Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Uh Oh! and Update on our Move

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 39, Low 24)

I hope that we have now had enough of things breaking down and needing repair – at least for a little while. The latest happened yesterday. I got up in the morning and went to turn the furnace on to warm up the bathroom…and….nothing. That’s never a good thing, but somehow seems even worse at 3:40 am when you’re getting up to get ready for work. I told Harry and he went out to check our propane, but came back in with the news that we did still have propane.

My first thought was that we would be moving on Saturday closer to where that mobile tech was located who fixed our water heater a few weeks ago. But we took a look at the weather forecast and saw 20s for lows overnight and decided that we didn’t want to take a chance on no heat going into the basement area for several days if we didn’t have to.

I remembered reading a thread recently on the heartland forum about another couple whose furnace stopped working, and that it had turned out to be a bad control board. I told Harry and he started doing some research. We decided that I would go to work and he would stay home to hopefully fix our furnace.

At 9 am, Harry started making a couple phone calls…first to our favorite go-to repair guys at home in Catskill and also to the mobile tech we had used here for our water heater. Here is the furnace after Harry got it out of the rig.They both had great information and suggestions for Harry to work on the furnace repair. Both of them agreed that the likely culprit was the control board. So unfortunately the first step was to remove the furnace so he could get to it.

The empty space...

Those three spaces in the back are where the ducts attach to the furnace. The wires on the top left are for the thermostat and 12v battery connection.

Front of the control board...


He removed the control board and made a trip over to the local rv place to see if they had one in stock. Luckily they did!

Back of the control board...


You can see up at the top of the control board where there is a small burn spot where it burned out.


The finished product...


All fixed, put back together and we have heat!! Smile



In other news, we are preparing for our move to Louisville KY tomorrow. I had my last day at the Campbellsville facility yesterday while Harry was home repairing the furnace. We are both really going to miss the fulltime Amazon workers we are leaving. We have had a lot of fun working with them over the past three months.

We are, however, really looking forward to four days off. Our first day at the new facility is Tuesday, and we are expecting to be pickers. From what we have heard, almost all of the 100 campers moving to the Jeffersonville facility will be working in picking. Our hands are going to get a break and now it’s up to our feet to carry us through the last four weeks. Both Harry and I are looking forward to seeing what it is like to work in this outbound department as opposed to being in receiving. We’re going to find out soon!

Thirteen weeks down, four to go!!


  1. Four more weeks!! Time does fly. Bet you are looking forward to heading to a warmer location soon. Looking forward to seeing where that will be!

  2. We sure will miss you guys! The best of luck in your new adventure at SDF8 :)