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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Dwindling List

According to the calculations of the countdown on my computer desktop, we have 96 days left to finish up around the house. A couple people have mentioned recently in comments that our list IMG_1892must be getting smaller. So I thought since we are just about halfway through the year, it would be a good time to take stock of where we are and what there is left to do.

The living room is finished, except for a small portion of the floor in the closet that needs to be finished.

The closet floor in the downstairs bathroom also needs to be completed.

We need to install some towel bars in the two bathrooms.

IMG_2342The biggest project that we have left to do should be out of the way by July 8th if all goes according to plan - fill those bagster bags with whatever crap we can find around here to throw away.

Other than that, as far as the outside goes, the steps to the back deck need to be repaired and the back deck power washed.




The kitchen is pretty well set. The cupboards are cleared out, and we will just need to do a good cleaning.



In the dining room, the sliding glass door needs to be stained.



The bedrooms are finished.








We just need to install a closet guide in the upstairs bedroom closet.

The basement is cleared out – there are just a couple tables down there that I want to freshen up with a coat of paint.

That’s it – other than that, we just need to finish cleaning out and giving a good cleaning to the whole place before show time!


  1. Wow! That's not much left at all. You guys have come a long way. Hang in there. There's light at the end of that tunnel :)

  2. When you look at the list, it's just a few small things, and a couple bigger things...not a lot labor-intensive jobs.

    How does it feel living in the fiver in the driveway still?

  3. You guys have done a beautiful job of the renos and repairs! I'd hate to have to leave that home!

  4. The end is definitely in sight for you guys. And the house is really looking great. Almost there.

  5. nice work on all the renos ..the house is looking grand!!..should sell quickly!!!

  6. The place looks great. You guys have done an excellent job on getting things done. I bet you are getting so excited.

  7. Super, duper job! We now have mostly empty rooms and a motorhome that needs to be arranged. One thing that I did notice is that treatment we gave our wood scratches...has faded and the scratches show again. If I have time between now and Monday, I'm going to give everything another treatment. Has yours faded too?

    1. No, not really, but our doors and trim was mostly faded from age, not scratched up. I will use the wax to freshen it up again before we put it on sale. We do have a few windowsills that have some scratches from the cats jumping up to sit in the window. The polish doesn't completely get rid of that, but they do look better.

  8. You just keep whittling that list down! Keep it up.