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Friday, January 4, 2013

Long Day

Location: Catskill, NY (High 19, Low –4)

You can probably see from the temps what made yesterday a long day. We watched the temperature in the water tank area creep up slowly by small 0.2 increments. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon before it got to 32 degrees. And the area where we believed the frozen section to be was underneath that between the water pump and the fresh water tank. We figured there was probably a ten degree difference at least. Since the outside temperature was still only 16 degrees at that point, it was a fight to get every little increase on the thermometer.

Luckily, we had enough water here for the essentials. I had bought a big container of water to use for the cats’ drinking water so we still had some of that. And Harry went out to the water connection and brought in a bucket of water to use in the bathroom for flushing the toilet. Our biggest worry was whether the ice would thaw and leave a working system, or whether something had burst down there.

By late afternoon, we could see that we weren’t going to have water anytime soon. So I called my sister to see whether we could borrow her showers for a bit. She said, come on over, so we threw all our bath supplies in a bag and headed over to their house. Wow, did those showers ever feel good! We hung out there for an hour or so, chatting, and then headed back home, rejuvenated! By the end of the day the temperatures were starting to come up a little – we actually got to our high at the end of the day.

I got up in the middle of the night, around 2 am, and checked the outside temp – we were up to 24 degrees, and I decided to try the pump again. We had a little water! We were excited that things seemed to be thawing, and went back to sleep a little more relieved. This morning when we got up – checked again – and we have WATER!!! Nothing ever sounded so wonderful as that water pump did this morning.

We just finished watching the weather, and the temps look pretty good for the next ten days. We are SO hoping that the weather holds until we get the heck outta here!!

TEN more days!!


  1. There are very few RVs that will tolerate those kinds of temperatures, so it's not surprising that you've had "issues". Just grin and bear it I suppose. Just as long as nothing decides to "give" you'll be fine. Warmer times ahead!

  2. Yay! Isn't that a wonderful sound, the purr of a water pump!

  3. Jessica and Harry,

    Bigboomer from RV-Dreams forum. We are getting some cold temps here in the Poconos but nothing near what you are getting so far. We saw a drop in the basement temp getting down to the mid thirties on the remote thermometer so I went out an purchased a small 1500W electric ceramic heater at Home Depot for $22. I plugged it in and faced it towards the convienence center where all the water lines are located and so far it has boosted the temps to mid 50's. We can actually feel the warm air coming thru the cold air return for the furnace and is warming up the bedroom floor nicely.
    Good Luck and Stay Warm!

    1. Thanks! We are hoping to be hitting the road for warmer climes very soon. If the weatherman is to be believed, we MAY have seen the worst of it. That would be very nice.

  4. Looks like Les has a really good idea with that small ceramic heater... Probably needs to stay away from stuff stored under there, but given some room around it, things would be warmer.... Would put out way more heat than the light bulb idea I use....

    1. We did use your light bulb idea, so thanks! :) With the weather that is forecast for the next ten days, I think we are just going to go with what we have. We are hoping to be out of here before any more deep freezes arrive.

  5. We used to put a small heater in our basement to keep the water from freezing.
    It was 42 here in the Gulf Shores area yesterday. You'll be in warmer weather soon. :)

  6. We are in central Alabama and woke to temp of 21. Outside hose frozen but pump working fine so using our tank. We are thinking we need to keep a supply of water onboard for next few days.

    Such are the joys on fulltiming, which you are quickly learning.