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View From the Trail to Mount Colvin

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To the Top of Marcy!


For the last half mile of Marcy, I wasn’t taking any pictures! It was pretty steep and rocky. We were happy to find it was a rough type of rock so we were able to get good traction with our hiking boots.



It took us 5 hours and 50 minutes to cover the 7.5 miles to the top of the highest mountain in New York State!


But I do have a lot of pictures of us at the top!!




































13668848_10210701920130909_7689923569140910890_oAfter about 30 minutes to relax and have our lunch, we started our way back down. One member of our hiking group got a great shot of Harry and me making our way down the rock face (although it makes me think we’re doing some kind of funny rock dance).

It took us 4 hrs. and 15 minutes to travel the 7.5 miles back to our car. We had such a great time and it just left us wanting more!

We have one week left here in the Adirondacks and plan to do at least a couple more hikes before we leave next Thursday.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Mount Marcy – Part 2




When I left off on my last post, we were at Indian Falls taking our first break on our way to the top of Mount Marcy.



I don’t have tons of pictures from the next mile and a half, because we were still below the tree line, and there weren’t a lot of scenic spots. Occasionally we would get a glimpse of the view to come through the trees.











It was another mile and a half before we truly started to move above the tree line, and began to get our first real tastes of the view!



But we were not there yet!



That’s where we’re going! The smaller hump is called “little Marcy” and then way up at the top is “big Marcy”!






Harry, my mom, and me in front of our destination!






Here is a close up of Mount Marcy!


13645247_10210694663869507_6496174518077487936_n (2)


And a little more cropped version. Our trail up would go over the rock face toward the right hand side of the photo and then up to the summit.





Here we go – after seven miles on the trail, we are at the last half mile to the summit!