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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Long Overdue Catch Up Post!

Once again, catching up on a few months of blog-less-ness. We had a fast and fun summer around here. The highlight of our summer was our grandsons' visit.

Harry flew to Ohio in June and flew down with the boys.

They stayed with us for 6 weeks and we had a wonderful time.

I took several hundred pictures while they were here but have tried to pick a few of my favorites to share here.

Of course we had to do Disney! Unfortunately I was working throughout the summer, but I managed to fit in a few strategically placed personal days so that we could take a few three day trips to Disney. 

We also spent a few days at a hotel on Cocoa Beach. This was the surprise hit of the summer. I think it was the part of our traveling that we all enjoyed the most. I have already booked a week at another beach for next year!

During the non-travel parts of our visit, we enjoyed hanging out at home and took daily trips to the pool. We had the typical hot Florida summer weather with daily storms, but we managed to fit in a decent amount of outside time anyway. And being in our home, small as it was, seemed very spacious compared to our previous visits staying in the fifth wheel!

And speaking of fifth wheel, this has been one whirlwind week in that department. On Monday, we showed the rv to a woman who is local to this area. She loved it and we agreed on a sale price. It hasn't completely changed hands yet, but we should be finishing everything up within the next week or so. On the same day that we made this agreement, we heard from someone in Homestead FL who was interested in the truck. He drove up yesterday and yes, now our truck is sold as well!

So I guess this is officially the end of this chapter for us. In a few years we would like to look into buying a smaller Class B or C so we can do some more traveling on a part-time basis, but for now we are taking a break.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Our RV Is Up For Sale!

It has sure been one busy spring! My mother and stepfather were here for almost 2 months to enjoy our nice winter weather. We brought the fifth wheel over to Adelaide for its last outing and set it up on a site.

After they left, we went over the rv one last time and got it all cleaned up and cleaned out. She is officially up for sale!

We have done so many updates over the past few years. We have a hard-wired progressive electric management system, auto-seeking satellite, vented washer/dryer, whole house water filter system, RV Lock and an auto leveling system. Harry added longer struts to all the cabinets, reinforced the kitchen shelves, added backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom, just to list a few of his mods. We are also going to included our sun shades for the awning, hoses, cribbing for the jacks, chocks and X-chocks and other rv accessories that we have purchased over the years. Also, Harry has always been very conscientious about maintenance of all the systems. Someone is going to get one nice rig and setup. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Getting the RV Ready!

For company and selling!

A couple weeks ago we brought the rig over to the resort for its last official outing. My mother and stepfather have come down to Florida for a few weeks and will be staying in the fifth wheel. We took advantage of having it close by to get it mostly cleaned out and ready for viewing. We hope to sell it this spring once our guests head back north.

I started taking pictures of the various areas for posting in our listing. (I had to use Blogger instead of Live Writer so the placement of the pictures is not coming out exactly as I wanted.)

Living room...




Tons of storage space! These are only a few pictures of the many storage places in this rv.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Big BIG Changes Ahead in 2019!

Well. Happy New Year everyone!! Once again it’s been another two months plus since I last wrote and it is definitely time for an update.

The big news will be coming up below, but first a general catch-up.

Things are going really well. We are both settled in to work at Home Depot and Harry is enjoying his part-time work in the hardware department. 49297355_323456921600256_1702705420465864704_nIt hasn’t been all work and no play though. We have had several card sessions with our friends. We play a game called Pegs and Jokers, and play guys against girls. So far the girls are 2 games ahead!

We have also been going to our usual card night at the club house as much as we can. Sometimes we have to work, but we’ve still managed to make it quite a few times. We have also started going to Card Bingo. So far it’s been typical bingo, with lots of fun and close calls, but no wins. haha

45091301_10218715916195802_8915945909963980800_nWe have also been to Disney a few times. So far our favorite continues to be Epcot. We love going when they are having the different festivals and we can sample all the international food offerings. Harry always enjoys his dark beer in “Germany”.



One day when Harry was working, I went with a couple of my friends to Disney Springs and we had a girls’ day out.


We had a lot of fun, enjoyed the festive decorations…


…and a wonderful lunch. It was a great day with a lot of laughs and conversation.

Our days have been full. Between get togethers with friends, work, and just normal life, the time has flown, and here we are, heading into another new year. And is this year ever going to be a new one!

On to our big news. We are hanging up the RV keys. We don’t expect that it will be forever, as we do hope to buy a smaller rig someday and do some more traveling. But for the foreseeable future. I have accepted a fulltime position at Home Depot. I’ll be doing the same work I’ve been doing, which I really enjoy. It’s the typical fulltime job with paid vacation, so I won’t be able to take months off as we have been doing. It’s a bittersweet decision for us, because we have enjoyed our RV travels. And we are very much going to miss our summers up north – seeing family and doing all that awesome hiking. BUT. Financially it is the best and most realistic decision for us. So we are looking on the bright side and forward to the opportunities that this decision is going to bring. And looking forward to sharing the Florida experience with our little guys this summer. “Papa” will be flying up to Ohio to bring them down here for their visit this year.

So if you hear of anyone who is getting ready to start out on their rv life, we will be putting our whole setup on sale in a couple months. We are hoping to sell the whole package – fifth wheel, truck and we will be including the majority of our rv “stuff” – awning screens, chocks etc. 20729757_10214691812915735_5733382936313319894_n (1)Anyone who has been following our blog knows what good care Harry has taken of our fifth wheel, and all of the modifications we’ve done to improve it. If anyone out there is interested in more information, drop me an email. I am working on the official ad that we will be putting up, so when it officially goes up for sale, I’ll post it here on the blog.