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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lots Goin’ On

So yesterday was a wild ‘n’ crazy day. I started out with work, and it was pretty quiet. But the morning still went by fast, because inside my head it was very busy!!

Yesterday afternoon after I got home, we called the financing company that works with the dealership. We applied for some financing, and were pre-approved for the amount we need. We are just waiting for the paperwork now to be sent over from the dealership to get some final numbers. We don’t normally use financing companies, however they are offering 20 year terms as opposed to 15, which makes the payment a lot more palatable to the budget.

I also spent some time yesterday planning our route down to TN and back. We will be using the same trip route that we did in April, but we may stop a little further along on the way down, in Central VA instead of closer to PA. A lot will depend on timing, and what time we will need to be at the dealership the day we arrive. So those plans are still in the development stage. I am a planner though, so we will probably have a good idea where we are stopping on our trip. When we are traveling full-time I may loosen up, (I will TRY to loosen up for sure!) but our timetable next month will be such that we will not be able to ramble around randomly on our way home.

Harry has been experiencing a few “butterflies” at the thought that the time when he will be towing and probably having to back up the fifth wheel is coming sooner than he expected. Any words of wisdom for Harry from all of you experienced rvers out there?

In answer to the question from many of you…unfortunately this purchase will not be accelerating our fulltiming plans. We are buying now because we found the unit that we really wanted, and it had the options we wanted, and the price was right. Also, right now the rates are so great.  If we could sell the house and hit the road now, we definitely would. However, Harry is not able to retire (without a huge penalty) until he reaches a certain magic age, and that will be in Feb. 2013. And we can’t sell the house and live in the fiver because there are no campgrounds up here that are open between October and May. So this year and next we will be wannabe fulltiming sometimers!! Open-mouthed smile Right now that sounds pretty fine!


  1. To Harry, George says, "practice, practice" :)

    If the timing is right, maybe we can see you when you drive by! Lunch?

  2. Yeah, it would be great if we could meet up on our way through! :) When we know some timing details, I will email you. :)

  3. I know you're getting excited... Harry it will just take time & pratice and before you know it you'll be a PRO! People in RV parks are always willing to help guide you in so take advantage of that...
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  4. Your plans seem really logical to me, but when you reach that no job time, it is a lot easier to go with the flow and not have such rigid plans.

    When you get to the point that there is no weekend in your life, just days that are all the same, then your plans can be dispensed.

  5. practise practise and more practise!..soon Harry will be a pro at backing up and going forward and you will have found your place guiding him into those campsites!!

  6. Nothing wrong with being 'anytime' RV'ers for a while. It'll give you lots of experience in learning the things you need to know.

    As for Harry, here's all I can say:

    Drive slow. If in doubt, stop, get out and look. Make wide turns.

    Harry will be surprised how natural it seems after towing just a little while. Oh yeah - drive slow!!

  7. Going to say that practice is the best thing for Harry and his new toy, but others have said it.

    When I bought my trailer, I took it to an empty parking lot and just practiced backing in, and going forward and making it right.

    I also advise on getting a pair of Cobra radio's. I have seen alot of couples use these for communication between the driver and the director.
    If you are forced to back into a stall at 3am at the campsite, it sure beats screaming to each other and waking up the other campers!

    I love your new unit! So jealous! Sure looks like a home!


  8. I have no experience, but I think planning very short hops would be good. Rested and in no hurry = safer more relaxed driver! Also booking "pull thru" spots for this trip.

    Would it be possible to stop on the way down and look at where you expect to stop on the way back?

    Knowing where you are going will take some stress out of the equation.

  9. Thanks Merikay! That's an awesome idea!! :)

  10. Definately the radios to communicate with each other. You will often get others that want to help and will start telling Harry what to do. Ira will only listen to me because we have done it together and know what each other expects. (besides he has to live with me) Harry should thank everyone else but only listen to you. That is my 2 cents worth. Congrats on the new home. It is beautiful. As much as I love Serenity I am jealous.

  11. Take some kind of driving class from a professional, it makes a big difference, and takes away some of the anxiety.

  12. Learning to back up just takes lots of practice and patience. Go slooooooooowly. That was hard for my hubby to learn but now he is comfortable with the process even though he wouldn't call himself an expert. Staying put for awhile and taking trips is actually a great idea. Think of all you learn before you are out on the road full time. You'll be seasoned veterans and it will be smooth sailing.