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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Longest Break Ever!

Location: Earlton, NY (High 83, Low 56)

It sure has been a long time since my last blog post. I’ve read where other bloggers talk about losing their blog momentum and I guess the same has gradually been happening to me. We are very busy and loving our fulltime life, but still, most days are just normal kinds of activities and not the touristy kinds of things that many other people do. I still plan to keep the blog going but I haven’t yet figured out the best way that works for me.

13312705_10210128248909487_3927120384732508250_nSo to catch up…we are back in NY. We are staying at the Earlton Hill Family Campground in Earlton NY. It’s the one that we found last year that only had the water and electric hookups, and the pumpout truck that comes once a week. We’ve gotten pretty good at managing our water, although we’ve used the blue boy we bought last year twice so far.

13321970_10210128248109467_4040239111566269509_nWe’ve been having our normal appointments, including our physicals. We are both in great shape, and I was very happy with my results. My blood pressure was lower than last year, and perfectly normal. I used to be on blood pressure medicine so I am always happy to hear that it is not on the high side. I also have lost 32 pounds since last summer’s appointment! Summer is my hardest time to maintain weight, so I am trying to keep on top of it and not backtrack over the next few months.

13344560_10154239624904766_8786931290502291325_nWe’ve also been busy with family, and helping out at my sister’s workplace. Harry has been doing a couple fix-it projects around the office, while I’ve been continuing my effort to get all of their office records scanned. This is the third summer that I’ve worked on this project, and we are SO close to the end! I am hoping by the end of the month to have all the files scanned!


13406996_10210261588842902_8626468551017142199_nThe most exciting part of our summer so far took place this past weekend. For the past three months we’ve been training for a half marathon in Plymouth MA. Well, the race was this past weekend! The weather didn’t really cooperate, but we had a good time.

IMG_7846 - Copy


It was a hot and hilly course, and I didn’t beat my previous time, which was my goal. But I finished! 13.1 miles!!



Glad to be done!






The brewery gave a free beer to each participant. I literally never drink beer, but I made an exception this time! Nothing like a hot and hilly half marathon to make even a beer taste good! 






Harry finished his half marathon in 2:31!!


So that was this past weekend, and now we can start to think about our next one. We have found one in Sarasota next March that looks really nice, so we will probably register for that.

We have just one month left here. But lots packed into that one month! I will really try to get back into blogging form and be better about posting on a more regular basis.