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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 2 at Amazon

Post #2

We have been home a little less than an hour from our first day in the fulfillment center. Today was a lot more Orientation type stuff. We met the Camperforce staff outside by the entrance, where we received our new ID badges. My picture even came out pretty good! Smile

We then proceeded in through turnstile type gates and into the break room area. The room is a pretty good size, and looks like the typical break room – walls of lockers, tables for eating meals, a wall of microwaves and several large refrigerators for lunches. We will be getting a locker, where we will be able to leave our phone, my bag etc. It may take a little time, so until we get the locker we will leave those things either at home or in the truck. I sure felt weird leaving here today without my phone!

The morning consisted of a lot of the typical new employee stuff – how not to harass people at work, arriving on time, how to get time off, how VTO (voluntary time off) and mandatory overtime work. We learned how to clock in and out. It was a lot of information, even though a lot of it is common sense, and my head is spinning now with all these terms and details running through it.

After our break for lunch, we met again back in the same room, and were divided up into small groups for Safety School, which basically doubled as safety guidelines interspersed with a tour of the place. There is no way to adequately describe the facility. It is HUGE. Kind of like the biggest library you ever saw multiplied by 10, or more. I don’t even know. Four floors up.  And instead of shelves of books – there are shelves of cubbies, and every cubby filled with STUFF. The size of the whole place was just mind-boggling.

Since we are in Receiving, and not Picking or Stowing, I’m not sure how much we will learn of the lay of the land. My sense is that Receiving is more limited to a specific area. But we will find out more very soon.

Our first shift starts at 6 am in the morning. We are working 5 hours and will start learning more about what we will be doing for our jobs.


  1. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work you go! Now, you can count down to the number of days until you are finished!

  2. Receiving, huh :)?? Jerry and I were in Receiving. If you are Stowers, then yes, you will be in a specific area to stow a select size of product. But you will learn the entire layout of the warehouse very quickly...believe me it won't take long!

    Have fun!! You'll be buying lots of lunch type food, since you will be packing lunches everyday. Oh, the lunch meat and cheese we went through! Ha ha!!

    1. Yes I have already bought crackers and bread etc. :) We will be eating more egg salad, tuna fish and peanut butter type sandwiches though. We stopped eating sandwich meat a couple years ago and now it tastes so salty to us we don't even really like it.

    2. To get around that store meat Jess why don't grill or roast a good pork lion on your day off and slice it cold...

  3. I love all your detail of this process. Thanks!

  4. When I receive my next order from Amazon I will think of Y'all.