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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Relaxing Day

So today was a nice day. Started it out with a walk that was cut a little short. I did two laps around my route. On my second time around I heard something in the brush. Didn’t think too much of it, as I often hear small wildlife running around in there – usually rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks. Although this did seem to be making more noise than usual. At one point I actually stopped and looked around, but I didn’t see anything.


So I continued around, passed my house again, and started on my third time around. When I got up to the corner, and started up the small hill, I saw a state trooper car up ahead. I was standing about where this picture was taken and the trooper’s car was not far from where the car is parked in this picture.


When he saw me, he turned his vehicle and drove toward me. (Hmmm, do I look innocent enough? Sarcastic smile) He stopped his vehicle, and said, I just thought I’d let you know that we received a call from a house down the road that they saw a bear in their back yard. He indicated a house right down the way where I’d just been walking 5 – 10 minutes before and hearing the noises in the brush.  O….K….think I’ve walked enough for one morning. Yes, I know all that stuff about them being more scared of me yadda, yadda, yadda…but I just didn’t feel like testing that hypothesis out for myself. If Harry had been walking with me, I would have been braver, but by myself? NOPE! Winking smile

My sister arrived around 9 am, and we took our field trip over to the RV place. It was fun; we looked around at the different models. The woman in the office gave me her key and I was able to unlock the doors and lock up after us. My niece Hannah enjoyed trying out the beds and couches, and checking out the shower. They had two Hitchhikers, but they were small ones. I think one was an LS and the other I think was a Discover America, but they were both smaller, 29, and I think 32 ft. We are looking at a 38 ft. one so it’s quite a bit larger, but at least it gave Denise an idea of what we’re looking at. She was surprised and impressed by the amount of storage space. It was a fun day. I brought my camera, but forgot it in the car – it didn’t do me much good there!!

Before I sign off for the evening, I’d like to welcome new followers – Rick and Paulette, (Rick I have been enjoying your blog with the beautiful pictures you take of your surroundings, and the great computer tips. I’ve learned a lot from you – thanks!) and Al AKA Stargeezer. (Al, I’ve recently discovered your blog, and am enjoying your unique take on things!) Thanks for joining my group of readers!


  1. WHAT!!! You were armed with a camera! Point and shoot! You missed your million dollar picture Jessica. WHAT were you thinking? LOL!

  2. LOL :) I don't know!! Temporary insanity!!!

  3. Oh my, Rick and Al? There went the nieghborhood!!!!
    Well anyway, I was here first!

  4. Brought the camera but left it in the car...nope, I've NEVER done that. LOL

    Glad your sister was impressed and now has a better idea of just what we RVers live in. It is amazing. :)

    Glad you didn't scare that bear too badly. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Its great to see a blog from Upstate NY. My husband and I were both born and raised there. He also worked for the State of NY for 14 years before we moved to Texas in 1981. I'm originally from Little Falls and he's from Herkimer.

    We are preparing to hit the road sometime in the next year or so.

    Good luck on your journey to freedom.


  6. One thing you should never do ---- when hearing a noise in a bush, check it out too closely! Just can never tell what is lurking there waiting for a meal.

    Isn't it fun looking at rigs? Even though we have the one we want, we still stop at dealers and go to RV shows.

  7. haha Phyllis - well, at the time, the fact that it might be a bear never crossed my mind! On my walk this morning, I was watching ahead of me in the woods on the sides of the road - just in case!

  8. Glad you and the bear didn't meet face to face. I didn't know you lived in bear area. Do you have deer too?

  9. Yes, we do have deer as well. I actually came face to face with a little fawn on my morning walk just a few weeks ago! But I definitely don't want to do the same with a bear!!