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Monday, November 18, 2013

One Scary Evening

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 68, Low 56)

Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to them. I mean, if we were to find out today that there’s a major cold front heading our way with subzero temperatures and a possibility of a couple feet of snow, we’d shrug our shoulders and say, oh well, that’s a bummer. But to hear mention of some tornadoes touching down in an area only a couple hours away - that tends to get my attention. Just a bit short of one year on the road, and the one thing I really hate about this lifestyle is the exposed feeling I have when there are severe storms in the area. And yesterday was another one of those days.

The morning started out with severe wind warnings. We had to work, so at break times we checked the temperatures and they seemed to be staying a little lower than expected. We hoped that this would help to keep the weather from being quite so bad. After work we decided to stay in town and visit a Chinese buffet for dinner. As we ate we watched the skies get darker and more ominous. I didn’t even think about taking a picture! On the radio they were talking about the storm system and the direction it was heading. There had already been numerous tornadoes from the system. We talked about it, and decided we really wanted to find someplace safe to ride out the storm. Unfortunately, there is nowhere at this campground to go in the event of severe weather. So on the way back to the campground, we stopped at a church that was open and asked if we could possibly hang out there while the storm went through. They were very hospitable and told us to come on over, and that we could bring the cats. So we grabbed a few necessities and headed back to the church for a couple hours. The building was so sturdy that we didn’t even know it was raining. So that was just fine by me. Some people say it was a bad storm, others say not so bad. But either way, I don’t regret finding someplace secure to wait it out.

Work is going well. It has really picked up. We should be bringing in something like 1.7 million units this week. We are now on 60 hour weeks. As of today, we have finished 40 hours of our work week and we have two more days to go. Right now, Thursday is our only day off. I”m not sure whether that will be the case for the next three or four weeks. What I do know is that one month from today we will be almost done!! YAY!! That’s going to be one exciting day. :) (And hopefully, no more bad storms between now and then.)


  1. They were some crazy storms. Glad you guys were able to hunker down with the furkids. Your time is going fast for sure..and the bank account is growing :-)

  2. Glad you guys weathered the storms so to say....we got the tail end of that stuff this morning at Brookside with 50 mph winds and about 2" of rain.....just waiting for the white stuff!

    Hope those 60 hour weeks go by fast!

    Les and Sue

  3. I think I would feel the same way in the face of a big storm. As much as I love my RV, it isn't where I want to be during severe weather. Glad you are all safe.

  4. We rode out an evening of tornado watches and warnings while at Amazon in Kansas last year. The park we stayed at while in Coffeyville had a storm shelter that we could run to, but it was a long evening watching the news! Glad you guys are OK.

  5. Hello... It's Rudee, your neighbor.. ( workinrvers...) Glad we headed north yesterday,,, we decided since it was our day off, to explore the casino in southern Indiana.. we stayed the night, so we were safe, but our hometown in Lebanon, IN was hit...no damage to any of our friends or family there,, but our son works in Lafayette, IN and his place of work was hit just a few minutes before he got there.. ! Too close for comfort ! I hate strong winds, and I have our "bail-out bag" all ready with important papers for when it comes time to run,, usually we just go to the nearest hospital and they always see that we are in a safe area !

  6. Glad you two and the cats were able to find a place to ride out the storm! Tornadoes in November (or any time) are just scary. Have fun... you'll be headed for Texas before you know it.

  7. glad that you are all safe and sound!!!

  8. Your fear is our biggest fear too. Interesting to read the tip about going to the nearest hospital for safety. Just so glad all is well with you both. Hang in there with your Amazon work and we're thinking of you.

  9. I often think about that too. Here in camp driveway we are surrounded by trees. We have not had any bad storms while parked here, and the Alfa has been parked here for much of two winters. But ... I look around and can see several large trees that have fallen over the years. I think most of the up hill trees would miss the Alfa, but who knows. My dream is not to be squashed in the driveway! we will be out of here for five weeks come this Fiday.