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Friday, April 29, 2011

Exciting Day

Well, step 1 has been accomplished: we now have our tow vehicle!!

We were up relatively early, and I watched a couple hours of the wedding broadcast in Britain. I haven’t followed all the hoopla regarding the wedding festivities. However, I did get a weird feeling as I watched the “goings-on”. I have now become one of those people who could say, “I remember when your mother got married.” I don’t feel that old!!

Around 9 am, we headed into Albany to make a quick stop at BJ’s and then on to the dealership.

Harry doesn’t look too excited, does he?


It was a beautiful day and so much nicer than last week when we were checking out the truck.

The salesman started the truck up so Harry could check out all the gadgets and dials.

003 004

Hmm, what does this one do?


Then of course we had to head inside to sign all the paperwork.

Harry couldn’t wait to get outside and start spending some quality time with the new truck.


The weather didn’t completely cooperate, because by the time we got home it was raining.


However it cleared up after a while, and Harry has had his nose buried in one of the owner’s manuals all afternoon. Smile


What a great feeling to have taken this first step! Now we are ready to make the next move to buy our fiver whenever we decide the time is right for that.


  1. I am so excited for you. Those next steps will come faster than you might think.

  2. It's a beautiful looking truck. You'll both love it! I just knew that smile would be pasted on Harry's face. Guess what? It happens every time you start that baby up!! It sure does it for me.

  3. Congratulations!! She's a beaut!

    It feels great to take such a huge step, doesn't it? I remember when we bought our truck, it finally made it all feel real. There was no turning back!

    And I was glad we had the chance to get used to the truck for awhile before towing. The first few times I drove the truck it felt so wide. I probably would have been a basket case if we had a fiver hitched up to it!

  4. I have a feeling a Fiver will be in that driveway before long. Wouldn't it be great to have it for short weekend trips!

    Think guest quarters!

    The maid's room? :~) :!)

  5. So, so, nice! Is Harry sleeping in it tonight? :) I know you both are very excited!

  6. That looks great! And Harry looks really, REALLY happy. You guys enjoy and now you can start looking for that special "just for you" fiver.

  7. Wow, nice truck! You are getting closer to your dream. All of your planning and hard work is paying off.

  8. a day filled with smiles!..perfection!!

  9. With the purchase of the new truck, it is more than just plans now! Happy 5ver searching!

  10. Nice truck! Now to find the right 5th wheel to match it and you are set!!!


  11. Beautiful... Congrats!
    Have fun