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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Two Weeks!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 86, Low 69)

Today is the first day of our “weekend” and believe it or not, we already have two work weeks at Amazon under our belts! The work has been going really well. Our legs have been much less sore than last year, which I attribute to the many miles of running that we have done over the past 8 months. I have had a little soreness in my arms and hands, but I am trying to keep on top of it by doing more frequent stretches and icing. So far, so good.

We are working in Receiving again, which we are enjoying. We are working with most of the same people from last year, and it’s just nice to not have to go through the “getting to know you” phase with every single person. We are mostly spending our time on the Receive Dock – emptying trucks and bringing in product. But both Harry and I have learned a few new jobs as well, which will serve us well on those days when the work is low and there may not be as much to do. Speaking of, on our four day shift this past week they offered VTO (voluntary time off), three out of the four days. Both Harry and I elected to stay but we were in the extreme minority. Out of the first two week’s Camperforce groups, only a few people have been placed in Receiving, so when they offer VTO and most of the full time employees take it, that leaves about 5 people working in Receive (that’s including Harry and me). All three days though there was plenty of work to do. Since almost everyone else left. haha

We worked on Labor Day, and Amazon provided a really delicious rib eye steak sandwich with a selection of chips and sodas for lunch. It was really yummy. That is one thing that Amazon does really well in my opinion. Yes, the work is very physical, but I have never worked for an employer that provides occasional lunches, snacks for breaks, drawings for prizes, and other similar extras that I can’t think of more examples for at the moment!

On the home front things have been good. I have made two crockpot meals so far, and it was so convenient to come home and have dinner ready. This morning Harry and I went for a morning run for the first time since we got here. I am encouraged that we are going to be able to stay in shape for our half marathon in January.

We had a vet appointment for Ariel this morning. On her annual checkup in August, the vet indicated that she had an issue with tartar and gingivitis. We made the appointment too late to have anything done about it in NY though, so when we got to Campbellsville, I did a search for an AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited vet and found one 15 minutes away from our park. We were really pleased with the vet that examined Ariel this morning, and will be taking her back next week for a cleaning. Assuming that our experience next week is as positive, we are actually thinking about transferring the cats to this facility permanently for their annual checkups etc. When we thought about it we realized that we spend more time out of the year here than we do any one place in NY in the summer. One less thing to do up in NY!

Two weeks down, 15 to go!


  1. Hang in there with the heat you are having. Doesn't getting the house ready to sell seem a long way away? Time flies!

  2. I guess that's why Amazon likes workampers, they work :)