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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Enjoying Life in Avon Park

Location: Avon Park, FL (High 74, Low 48)

I just looked at the blog and was surprised to see that it was a week yesterday since my last post. We are really having a good time here and the days are flying by!

This place has a lot going on, and it is really the first time that we have gotten even a little involved in the social aspects of a park that we are staying in. Playing cards with family at Christmas was good practice, as we have joined a card group that plays a couple nights a week. Now that the learning curve is over and we kind of know what we are doing, we are having a good time.

We have also been going to tennis instruction twice a week. It has been many years since either of us played tennis, but now, armed with our newly purchased tennis racquets, we are going over to the courts a few times a week to do a little volleying. The tennis instructor also lives here at the resort, and the hour and a half instruction is at no cost. Can’t beat that!

We are still waiting for the phone call from Florida DMV that our truck title has arrived. We will be glad to get that last piece taken care of and those FL plates installed on the truck. We figured three weeks so I am guessing by the end of this week or beginning of next we should be hearing from them.

And…believe it or not…it is already time to apply for the 2015 peak season at Amazon! The application link went live yesterday so we both went online and applied for our third season. The locations have changed from last year and there are now four possible places to work…Campbellsville, KY – Jeffersonville, IN – Murfreesboro, TN – and for the first time Haslet, TX. From the posts on the Camperforce page on Facebook,  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texas location fills up quickly. But we will be going back to Campbellsville. Our experience in Jeffersonville showed us that the facilities are definitely not all the same, and we like it in Campbellsville, so we’re going to stick with what we know. If anyone out there is looking to apply or get more information about the locations, the website is www.amazon.com/camperforce.


  1. Pretty cool to get free tennis lessons :) You guys are definitely having a great time there!

  2. Not surprised to hear y'all a are enjoying A.S.