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Saturday, December 29, 2012


IMG_3727Yesterday was a welcome day of sunshine, although I think our high was only about 31 degrees. In the afternoon, when the sun is shining, it really does heat up the inside of the fiver. The cats sit on the cat tree or Ariel on the back of Harry’s chair and soak in the sunshine.



We also were relieved when the guy from Deiderich’s came to check out the heat strip and told us that he thinks it is the control panel. They are going to order one and will be back to fix us up!



The campground owner did a really nice job of plowing the road in here, and we are hoping against hope that we won’t get anymore before it is time to head out.



For some reason, living in this campground has made me think about our pioneer ancestors. We have this rig to live in, and a propane furnace to keep us warm, and we still wear layers of clothes on these cold days and nights. They had wood stoves and homes without insulation, and no electricity. I have just really had a new appreciation for how strong they must have been.



I, on the other hand, am counting down the days until we can hit the road for someplace warmer!

Sixteen days left!!


  1. I have always said that I would have made a lousy pioneer because I am such a wimp. So cold in the winter and so hot in the summer. No indoor plumbing and I could keep going. But even with a nice RV snow is not fun especially the driving part. So hopefully - no more. Your counter on the side says 18 days or in 3 minutes it'll say 17 days and you say sixteen. I like your count better.

    1. Haha yes our original date was the 16th of January, but we are hoping now to leave the day before if the weather cooperates - a big IF.

  2. Glad things are starting to thaw out there, still looks really cold to me!

  3. I hear ya on the ancestors lives! I am now in Tucson AZ and trying to learn how cold I can stand it in the rv while sitting at my brother's. Yes, I can run into thew house if it gets too bad, haha! it has been down to I think 30* and have done okay so far, but planning on boondocking soon, so this is a good trial.
    Glad I left PA when I did in Oct!!

  4. Can't Harry beg for an early out?? I know rules are rules, but I wonder what real difference it would make...

  5. Looks pretty with blue sky and the white stuff on the ground!!!

  6. So many times I have thought of the early settlers crossing our country in wagons and making new homes in the wilderness . . . and felt like one of them! Ha! I think we may just be the modern-day counterparts, only with our much more comfortable versions of the Conestoga wagons. Gives one a great appreciation for those folks, eh?

  7. Hoping for no more snow for you guys. Enough is enough!

  8. Since we're living just down the road from you (south of Saugerties) and sometime use your campground to dump tanks I was happy to see that they do plow the roads there. Also, as I type this, we're both getting the promised 6"+ of new snow. Wish we were going south with you in a couple of weeks, but not happening till March. Suggestion - you might want to get rid of the build up of snow (and ice?) on your slide toppers. They're really not meant to have that sort of weight on them since RVs are really built for warmer temps and not built to have slides out in heavy winter weather. I'd hate for you to go to retract them and find them frozen or the toppers ripped or stretched out of shape. Just a bit of experienced advice. So happy that you 2 are following your dreams and making it a reality - Happy New Year and new full-timing life. Lynn-Saugerties NY

  9. Hope you don't get anymore snow. We finaly made it to southern AL. Suppose to get down to 25 tonight, but a warm up is coming. Happy New Year.