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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Good News Day

Location: Catskill, NY (High 38, Low 17)

Yesterday was an all-around good news kind of day! It started off when we got up and had running water. So that was a great start!

At 10:30am, the guy from Deiderich’s RV was back to work on our heat strip and water pump. The heat strip turned out to be a really quick fix. There was a sensor reset process which took about one minute, and bam! our heat strip was coming on. Nice!

The water pump didn’t take much longer. Our old one wouldn’t go off – it’s a model that isn’t even made anymore, and this seems to be a common problem, from what we’ve read. So they replaced it with a new one. (It may need to be adjusted a bit, it started running unevenly last night, so we will give them a call today.)

We were also very happy with our extended warranty. The whole bill for the service call and repair came to almost $500. We have to pay only $86, which sounds so much nicer to our budget. We are definitely glad that we went with the extended warranty. This one repair is about 1/6 of the cost of the warranty. We are still covered until mid-2018. It is a relief to know that we have that protection against a lot of big repair expenses for the next five years.

At the same time our repairs were being worked on, Harry was at Albany Med. undergoing a test called a Stress Echocardiogram. He hasn’t had any problems, but due to his family history of close family members having heart attacks, heart bypasses etc. at a relatively young age, his doctor thought it was best to find out now if there is any issue. Everything seems good so far. The person watching all the stats said everything was good with his heart rate, blood pressure etc. So now we wait to hear about the results when the pictures are checked out by a cardiologist. Hoping for continued good news!

Yesterday was the end of Harry’s next to last week of work. This time next week, he will be done! Today we are heading over to my sister’s for the day, and Harry and Mike are going to be putting in their upstairs hallway floor. So it’s going to be a hangout and chat kinda day. Smile 

We are now down to single digits! Nine more days before we hit the road!


  1. Glad everything worked out so well, those extended warranties are sometimes painful to buy, but payoff in the long run.

  2. Extended warranties are definitely a good investment. Ours paid for itself many times over. Hoping for great news from the cardiologist. Nine days - that's fantastic.

  3. You are going to be on the road sooner than you know it.

  4. We're very happy that we did the extended warranty on ours too. The truck's is almost run out though :( Hope all goes well with Harry's results! 9 more days and there will be so much less stress :)

  5. Here's hoping Harry gets a clean bill of health from his tests OR he at least has as good a warranty for new parts as you have on your rig!!