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Monday, January 14, 2013

Down to Hours!

Location: Catskill, NY (High 47, Low 37)

To say there’s a little excitement around here is an understatement. Tomorrow is departure day!! And the weather looks decent – tomorrow, and for the rest of our trip this week. If all goes well, we will be heading out tomorrow morning for PA. By the end of the week, we will be stopping in South Carolina for a little over a week. Just looked at the long range forecast for South Carolina, and those highs and lows look…oh, so nice!!

Yesterday was a bit more low key. We stopped over to my sister’s for a quick visit, and Harry took the pressure pro sensors off the tires before our trip for service today. We were going to try to sell the car before we left, but decided not to cram one more thing into this few days. So we left the car at my sister’s office and took the plates off. We will sell it this summer when we get back here.

lunchvalatieWe also had a nice visit and lunch with our friends Greg and Beth, who we met through the Heartland Owners Club. The picture was taken with my phone and it came out a little blurry for some reason. Thanks for a fun time guys!

Today we have a bunch of errands to run in Albany. Harry is enjoying the thought this morning that he doesn’t have to go to work, but we are still getting going at the same time. We are both looking forward to being down in South Carolina and having some time to relax and hang out! Won’t be long now!!

We leave TOMORROW!!


  1. Congratulations the dream has begun. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time

  2. We wish you a safe departure tomorrow and safe travels for the upcoming week as you make your way south. Hopefully some of these warm temps will still be around when you get to SC.

  3. enjoy the day of packing up! safe travels to you and your fur kids tomorrow!!

  4. Have safe travels. Hope you get your warmmer weather. We had a taste of summer this past weekend and now its back to the 60's. Its better than whats in WI. :)

    1. Absolutely!! I might be more picky in future winters, but right now 60s sound wonderful. :)

  5. Such a fun exciting time. Be safe and we're all looking forward to your adventures on the road.

  6. Safe travels and looking forward to reading about your fun on the road!

  7. Wow, it's finally happening! Doesn't it feel like it went so fast? I was wondering about your car, now you answered the question :) We are so excited for you guys, it is such a wonderful life :)

  8. I wonder if you won't end up keeping the car.. It will be so convenient to have when you get back... Safe travels!!

  9. These are mighty exciting times. Enjoy...

  10. Wishing you guys a wonderful adventure on the road. You've made it through some rough NYS winter weather as full-timers so I imagine you can deal with whatever weather you encounter. And, aren't you lucky that we've gotten these balmy temps today so you can run around getting all those last minute things taken care of. I'm looking forward to your reports of your travels as you head south. Sure hope you post things about your route and campground reviews since we're planning on heading to FL in March. I can see the Thruway from my window, so toot the horn when you get between exits 20-19. I'll watch for your rig driving past-lol.Safe travels...Lynn, Kingston NY

  11. Exciting! Safe travels and wishing you warm weather.

  12. We are so happy for you two. Have safe travels and hopefully we'll cross paths sometime. :)