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Monday, June 20, 2011

Long Day, Short Night

I actually did a blog post last night – around 10:30 pm! But for some reason I kept getting an error message when I tried to upload it from Live Writer. Then I saved it (I thought) so I could close LW and open it back up. Nope, it didn’t save, so I lost the whole post. And I was just too tired at that point to start over.

We have spent our first night in our fiver. It was wonderful and also a little scary, as we had a severe thunderstorm warning in the county here, and tornado watches in some counties around us. We were still too excited to get a lot of sleep as we were awake a little after 6 this morning. So here I am, trying this blog entry again!

Back to yesterday…


We started off with a cloudy day, which basically would turn out to be the recurring pattern for the whole day. We would drive out of it, and it would get sunny, and then a while later, we would drive back in to another stormy area.


Around 5 o’clock we stopped at a Wal-Mart to pick up our supplies for the week. That took a while, because we had to pick up stuff for meals, but also condiments etc. And then we headed for RVs for Less dealership lot.


It was quite strange heading into a deserted dealership lot. No one was here to greet us except the guard cats! They were pretty friendly though.

And then, there it was…our first view of our new fiver…



What a great moment!

It seemed so strange to open the door and step in to OUR new fiver.

And then it was time to unload the truck.


It doesn’t look quite this bad anymore, but I still have unpacking to do.018

We finally sat down around 8:30 to have our first meal in our fiver – a sandwich we picked up at the store.


Yes, Harry is as tired as he looks.





Our new truck did awesome (Max – short for Maximillian). This was our first substantial trip with the truck. We traveled a total of 816 miles from NY to our last fillup in TN. We filled up three times with a total of 48.75 gallons, which gave us an average of 16.74 mi/gal. The trip cost us $191.02 for fuel. We expected to spend more, so that was awesome.

Our most surprising moment of the day…

I was making our bed.



And then I pulled back the bedspread.

See anything?


Let me give you a closer look.


Yes it is!! Our lost, but not forgotten camera!!! Open-mouthed smile

Is that amazing, or what? As much as I joked about buying the fiver so we could look for our camera, I NEVER really expected to find it. haha I still can’t believe I really found it.




And that wraps up my recap of yesterday – what today holds in store for us, I’m not quite sure. They are supposed to start working on our truck at 9 am. I’m sure that Harry will be doing more testing, and I will be doing more unpacking. Should be another exciting day!

I will let you all know tonight! Be right back

P.S. After reading Phyllis’ comment, I realized that some of you may have missed the story of my lost camera – so here it is.


  1. Congratulations on arriving at your new "home". What a beautiful fifth wheel. Hope you both have many wonderful times together with your new adventure. Wow! Amazing that you found your camera!

    Enjoy each exciting day!

  2. Guess I missed your posts about losing your camera. Had the same thing happen to us a few weeks ago. We, too, found it. Two days AFTER buying a new one.

    How exciting your life must be right now. Love your new home. Really glad for you and Harry.

  3. Congratulations on your new "home". It is a gorgeous fifth wheel and I know that you both are so excited. I remember picking up Tassie. I can't wait to hear about all tyour new adventures. Wow! Amazing that you found your camera! What's the odds in that happening? Play the lotto!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. we are so happy for you and Harry!..once you settle in to your new 'home on wheels' the sleep will come a bit easier!..now as for finding the camera?..whoohooo!!!..can you believe it???..a 'free camera' with your fiver!!

  5. Congrats on finding your camera. I'd be taking that as a good omen for the future with your new home. Have fun setting up and getting organized.

  6. Congratulations!! Your new fiver is just beautiful!! You look right at home in it. Have fun getting all things set up and in order.

    Glad you found your camera. I agree with Rick...good omen!!

  7. Well I do believe that the camera found its "home" and decided to stay. I agree with Rick that its a good omen!
    Perhaps the storms were a good test for leaks! Yay, you passed!
    We're so happy for you and share your joy for your new Landmark. Looks like a perfect match!
    Blessings, Kathy

  8. What a beautiful 5er! Looking forward to seeing more pics as you get settled. Since you now have 2 cameras it shouldn't be a problem.... ;-)

  9. OMG, I can't believe that your camera was right there waiting for you! How surreal is that??! What are the odds, that after all the fivers you guys looked at, that it was in the very one that you wanted?!

  10. Congratulations!!! What an exciting time this is for you two. Enjoy your new "home."

    Finding that camera is amazing! Perhaps you can share some of the "lost" photos with all of us sometime.