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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mount Marcy – 7/30/2016

Location: Peru, NY



After doing Hough and Dix this past Tuesday – two high peaks in one day! – we had another goal in mind, one that I have wanted to do for a few years now – Mount Marcy! Yesterday was the day!



There are a number of hikes in the Adirondack mountains that leave from the Adirondack Loj. We left home around 5:30 am and got to the lodge about an hour later. We were glad that we got there early enough that there was still a parking spot left near the Loj. (A couple years ago we went between 7 and 8 am and had to park about a mile down the road.)

The first two miles of the hike is one I’ve done several times. It goes to what used to be Marcy Dam. From there, there are a number of hiking trails that go in different directions.



While the view is gorgeous, it is very changed, as this used to be an area which was full of water. Hurricane Irene came through here with a lot of fury! My understanding is that Marcy Dam is gone now, and will not be replaced.




This used to be a bridge across Marcy Dam, but it was washed out and is now just a nice spot to stop and get a picture.




Here is another picture which really shows the remnants of the bridge.





We didn’t stay there long, because we still had 5.5 miles to go to the top of the mountain!



Every hike I’ve ever done in the Adirondacks has been the same – with lots of areas with big rocks to walk over and around!






Our next stop and scenic spot was Indian Falls, about a mile and a half further down the trail.





Harry and my mother enjoying the break!






Selfie at Indian Falls!



After about a fifteen minute or so break, we were off on our way. We had been on the trail a little over 3 hours at this point and had gone about 4.5 miles. We had 3 miles to go, but the steepest parts of the trail and all of the climbing was still ahead of us!

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