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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moving Right Along

Location:  Campbellsville, KY (High 56, Low 26)

Our sights are starting to get pretty fixed on the end, which seems like it is in sight even though peak is only just starting to get ramped up. We have almost a million units coming in per week now, so Inbound is pretty busy these days. I’ve also been doing a different job for most of the past week. I‘ve already described the job that the receiver does at the station – taking the product out of the box and receiving it on the computer. Of course, sometimes when the person takes the product out of the box and scans the info, something doesn’t work right. When that happens, there is a way to turn on a light at the station which plays a tune that summons help. The help person is called the “PG” which stands for process guide, but which I affectionately have been calling the “problem picker-upper.” This person is also the one that takes the full carts away and brings empty carts. For the past week I have spent most of my time being that person, which entails a lot of walking. I have actually lost about 2.5 pounds! It’s a lot of walking on concrete which is a little hard on the legs, but on the bright side I wouldn’t mind getting rid of a few more pounds before we head out of here.

Speaking of heading out of here, we were looking at a calendar yesterday, and we might possibly have only about 5 weeks left to go. Our end date is “to be determined”, as in whenever we are released. The absolute end release date is the 23rd. But Inbound’s peak will be over by the week before that, so we are thinking (hoping) that we might be released when our “week” ends on Tuesday, the 17th of December. We are going to be ready!!

In other news…oh wait, do we have any other news other than work? :) Well, the water heater is now fixed. The repair guy came back this week and did the repair. His costs were very reasonable, and the electric side is now getting our water very hot, so we were very pleased with his work. 

We actually had a little bit of the white stuff yesterday. Nothing big by our standards. It was blowing around and just sticking a little bit. As soon as the sun came up, it warmed up enough that everything melted. Although by the way some people were dressed, you would have thought we were in the Arctic somewhere. So far so good for autumn in Kentucky. And we have only five weeks to go! Hopefully. :)

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  1. It's funny here too. Everyone is in winter coats, face scarves, etc. even though it is 60º out. I guess once you get acclimated it is cold in comparison :-)