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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 33, Low 16)

What a difference a year makes! One of the great things about a blog is being able to look up what was going on the year before. This morning I looked IMG_6983 back at last Thanksgiving to refresh my memory. We were in the midst of finishing up the emptying out of the house. The house closing was only a few weeks away. They were exciting times.

This year was pretty low-key. We just finished our second 60 hour week yesterday so again relaxing was the main order of the day. I woke up a couple times during the night, but was able to persevere and sleep in to 7:20! What an awesome way to start a day. The day was made more quiet due to the fact that it was a holiday so grocery shopping had to be postponed until tomorrow after work.


It has been a gorgeous sunny day but still a bit cool. The highs were supposed to be in the 40s but I’m not sure whether we made it. (The temperatures posted above were the official temps from yesterday.) It has been cold but not as cold as the weather we had last December and January when we were living in Catskill, so our fiver has weathered it just fine. This week we are supposed to see the 50s again which will be great for the first week of December.


This afternoon we met a group of fellow Amazon campers for a Thanksgiving buffet at a local restaurant. We enjoyed some good food and pleasant conversation. Many of us work in different departments so we traded stories of our days.



Tomorrow we go back to work, but at least the 60 hour weeks are over. Next week we expect to have two days off. YAY! If all goes well, we may only have two more 50 hour weeks and one 40. Yes, that is 15 more work days.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope it’s been a great one wherever you are and however you spent it. :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. It was nice a bunch of you got together. I bet you are looking forward to heading south where it's warmer (sort of!)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you got a chance to go out with a group of friends and relax.

  3. Happy thanksgiving to you both!!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Sounds like you had a nice day off.

  5. Wow! Kim and I remember those days like it was yesterday. Have fun and the countdown begins ;)