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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Heading for NY!

Location: New Braunfels, TX (High 85, Low 69)

We are settled into a really nice spot at Hill Country RV Resort in New Braunfels, TX, IMG_1776and are enjoying being away from the misty ocean breezes and constant wind. The strangest thing here for us is this hot weather. This is the warmest we have been all winter, and seriously, it feels like the middle of summer would in NY. We are trying to soak as much sunshine and warmth in as possible, as we know the temperatures in NY will be just a tad cooler.



We pulled out of Gulf Waters yesterday a little after 10 and made the 200 mile trip to New Braunfels.






I enjoyed watching the roadsides with the plentiful colors of spring wildflowers.





The only time we really had any traffic was when we were traveling past San Antonio, but all in all, it wasn’t a bad trip.




Today we made a foray out to satisfy Harry’s BBQ cravings.






We didn’t realize the strong German influence in this area, and Harry was excited to find that it was a German BBQ place. He definitely gave it two thumbs up!



We are here for one more day before we move a little further north on Friday. Smile


  1. if you ever get the chance visit Fredricksburg, Texas. Huge German influence there along with a lot to see and do. Visited last year and had lunch at a really nice German Restaurant on the main drag, very good!

  2. It was 88 yesterday here in Nashville, hope the weather holds for you as you travel northward.

  3. We really enjoyed New Braunfels. Didn't spend the night, but drove up to meet with an RVer for lunch. Great area!

  4. We stayed at Hill Country RV last 11/1-4 - nice place. Also enjoyed New Braunfels - good food and good times.

  5. German BBQ. Sounds interesting.

  6. Harry and Jessica,

    Once you get back up to Catskill, there is a German restaurant not far from here. We have been trying to get there all winter. It has been recommended by several people and sounds great....called The Bavarian Manor .... http://www.bavarianmanor.com/

    Safe travels

    Les and Sue

    1. Maybe we can plan a time to go to the Bavarian Manor together. We understand that is very good. We met an older German couple last year at Brookside that comes a few times year just to go there.