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Monday, April 7, 2014

On the Road…Elm Mott–Texarkana–West Memphis

Location: West Memphis, AR (High 57, Low 42)


On Friday, after staying in New Braunfels to wait out the storm passing through, we had a beautiful day to start our three day travel run. Our destination this first day was I-35 RV Park in Elm Mott, TX, a little north of Waco.



I wasn’t sure whether we were going to hit a lot of traffic as our route was taking us through Austin. But other than a few miles of slower traveling, we were able to move right along.


Actually the most challenging part of the whole trip was at the end as the whole area around the campground is under construction. We got off our exit and went to make a left IMG_1838turn only to discover that the turn was no longer there. (I took this picture the next day just to illustrate what we faced.) It was a hairy few minutes but between Gretel the GPS, calling the campground, and a helpful state trooper, we managed to keep moving and find our way through the miles of construction back to the campground.


We were happy that the campground was nice and open and not a dud after everything we went through to get to it. Smile And they offered a free hot breakfast to overnight campers.




On Saturday we moved on to our last stop in Texas – Shady Pines RV Park in Texarkana. We had cloudy skies for our travel today, but no rain.




Although we were traveling past Dallas, we were happy to see that the weekend traffic was minimal and we had an uneventful trip to our next stop.IMG_1870



Shady Pines is a pretty small rv park, but has a great layout and it was super easy to get in and out.










We went out to enjoy some great Mexican food at Amigo Juan’s for our last night in Texas.


IMG_1890On Sunday there were storms in the forecast for the area so we got up and going earlier than we usually do, pulling out around 8:50 am. Our decision paid off when we heard a severe storm warning on the radio for Texarkana about an hour after we hit the road. Phew!



Although we drove through light rain showers off and on throughout the day, there was nothing major as we drove through our last new state of this travel season.




We are settled into our riverside spot at Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi River Campground in West Memphis, AR.



This is the view from our front step. Smile 

We can see the river from almost every window. We’re enjoying watching the barges go by. Unfortunately today and tomorrow look to be cloudy and cool, but we do have one nice day coming up before we pull out of here on Thursday.

We are ready for a few days of sitting still.


  1. Glad you are having an uneventful trip, looks like an interesting Mexican restaurant.

  2. We always stayed I35 RV when we pulled out 5er to TX for the winter, it's a nice park. We came by their last week on our way back to MN and wonder how anyone would find I35 RV let along get into it. Sure was a lot of construction thru there.