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Monday, January 18, 2016

Gb Drought is Over and Tampa RV Show

Location: Avon Park, FL (High 61, Low 46)

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I am one of the first to admit that Harry and I like our technology. We’ve kind of given up saying that we are going to keep our phones for any extended period of time because we know before two years is up we’re going to be wanting to upgrade them. We’ve been planning to get our new phones while we are here in Avon Park for several months, so last week we headed to Verizon to get our new ones – the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The only downside was that we used up almost all of our remaining data downloading our apps and getting our phones set up, so for the remainder of our period we were on a strict gb diet! We did not want to go over and have to pay another 15 bucks for a measly little gb. And we made it!! Woot woot!

One of the events we’ve really been looking forward to this year was the Tampa RV Show. We’ve heard a lot of great things about how big it is, but we’ve never made it there before. So last Thursday we headed for Tampa with Dee and Jim for an enjoyable day of window shopping.


We had a lot of fun looking at Class A rigs. Right now we love our fifth wheel and the living space that we have in it. For us, it has been perfect for 20160114_123510fulltime living and we have no desire to get another fulltiming rig. But, unlike others, we do not plan to fulltime indefinitely. We would like to at some point, probably about five years or so, establish a home base in Florida and at that time downsize to a smaller Class A so we can transition to “anytime rv’ers.” So the trip to Tampa was a fun window shopping and information gathering day.




Harry is picturing himself driving this beast!



We had a great time at the show and now have a couple more rigs to add to our list, for when that time comes.


Other than that, we’ve been taking it easy. Every evening we go out for a nice walk. Even on the cooler evenings, we appreciate the fact that it’s warmer than we would be in NY. (And given the severe weather recently here in FL, we would actually rather have it cold.)








We have another road trip coming up tomorrow…more information about that on Wednesday!


  1. I have the new samsung galaxy 6 and its a nice phone for sure. I am sure you will like the note with it hugh screen..

    When you are downloading apps to new phone just go to somewhere with free wifi, lowes or home depot, panera, mcdonalds and do it there to same data for real stuff like posting pictures..

    I enjoyed following your amazon experience again this year and appreciate you allow "us" to share in that.. Its helpful for us looking to go fulltime to know how much potential fund that can generate from such an endeavor.

    We are currently trying to buy our 30ft airstream and move up the go out date from 5-6 yrs to 3-4 yrs.

    IF we are able to get out sooner amazon will be a part of that equation as we will still may have some debt to deal with for a coupleish years so this all good info..

    have a nice winter in florida and take care.

    carl in NC

    1. Thanks Carl! And great suggestion for downloading our apps. :)

  2. Sorry we missed you guys at the Tampa Show! It amazes us how much data we use - it's crazy! When we get new phones we will be getting more memory - now that we use the phones for everything it is tough to manage the storage! How much storage do you guys have?

  3. Data, the good bad and the ugly :) We've always been blessed with great free wifi either where we work, or where we stay. We had to bump up our wifi to 18gb when we were in Livingston, as they don't have free wifi, but you could pay for Tengonet for $15/week. We did, but it's veeeery slow. Now at the GG gig, it's all up to us. Spotty signal (3G, 1X, 4G depending on ??). Our days off we'll run into town to McDonalds to update anything on phone or computer! Sigh, miss the good ole' days when there was unlimited data. :(