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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another New Year – Welcome 2016

Location: Avon Park, Florida (High 70, Low 59)

12470747_10208830634949949_1273377834_oWe had an uneventful trip to Avon Park on Thursday – that is the kind I really like!!

Since this was the shortest leg of our trip, we didn’t have to get going so early, and pulled out of Pecan Park RV Park just a few minutes after 9 am.


We had gone back and forth about whether to take 75 down or go straight down 95 and over 4. Even though we don’t like the traffic through Orlando we ended up going that route because it just looked like such a straight shot. We were glad we did because traffic wasn’t bad at all. Maybe the fact that it was New Year’s Eve helped.



We had just a few miles of traffic like this. The rest of the time we were moving along at highway speed.




It was about 1:30 that we pulled into Adelaide Shores to see our spot waiting for us, just past Jim and Dee’s Cameo.




Backing into the spot wasn’t hard – just getting it into the perfect position next to our pad. (I won’t mention which of the two of us was more picky about that.) But after a while of back and forths, we finally got ourselves situated and yay! we are parked for the next few months.




After getting our inside living area settled, it was a great feeling to get our chairs out and have a glass of wine after our travel day.




Yesterday we enjoyed a great first day of 2016. I got out there and went for my first run here – first 4 miles of 2016 done.




Then we got our outside area set up.





We had our first real home cooked meal in quite some time.









We also got our bikes out and took our first little spin around the park.


We ended the day by heading over to the clubhouse for card night. It was good to see the gang from last year and we had a great night of laughs and conversation catching up with everyone.

It was a great first day here getting settled in and we are looking forward to a fun season here.


  1. Looks like you're getting all settled in. We hope to get up that way again soon for another visit. That home cooked meal sure looks tasty!

  2. It is nice to be settled for a few months and just relax and enjoy.

  3. Nice to have a winter place to sit. You'll have lots to do for sure!