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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Down to the Last Week

Location: Avon Park (High 79, Low 63)

It was over a year ago that we booked a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean which is now only six days away! I am so excited for a couple reasons – not only because we are going on a cruise for the first time in a long time (our last cruise was six years ago), but because all of my immediate family is going on the cruise as well…my sister and her family, my brother and his family, my mom, stepdad and the two of us! Looking forward to making a lot of great memories!

cabmodThis past week was just a week of odds and ends. Harry finished changing the struts on all of our cabinets. Wow. Such a simple change and yet it makes such a difference. The new struts are very solid. Whether it’s open or closed, we can now rest assured that our cabinets will stay the way we leave them.

Another big job down was to caulk a trim piece that runs along the roof and covers the screws of the Harryladderretaining bracket for the roof membrane. When we arrived here in January, we were shocked to see that almost the entire piece had come loose. It was just held at each end and Harry realized that the only reason we didn’t lose it completely was that he had caulked both ends a few years ago when it started to pop out there. Well, it’s not going anywhere now because Harry spent one morning this week caulking along the whole piece, on both sides of the rig. Take that trim piece!


Other than that, it’s been a normal week. We’ve finished week 2 of our training program and are enjoying cards a couple times a week as there are still quite a few members of our card group here. Most of them plan to head out mid month, so by the time we get back from our cruise the last of the snowbird holdouts will be getting ready to go.

This week’s project – guess we should pack!?! I’m not sure I remember how!!


  1. The cruise sounds fun! Barb and I have talked about doing something like that. Kinda like a mini vacation; a cruise, going to Peru....we had some friends who went to Thailand this winter but I think I would starve if I went there!

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks! This will be our first "vacation" since we have started fulltime rving, and it definitely feels like a vacation, even though we aren't working. :)

  2. You are so lucky that Harry is handy.. And not afraid of heights... Good job on fixing the trim and adding the struts to the cabinets!!.. Have fun on the cruise!!

    1. Harry definitely IS handy, but he does NOT like heights. But he makes himself do it anyway. I contribute by holding the ladder steady (when I'm not stepping back to take a picture anyway. ;) )