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Friday, March 31, 2017

Ahhhhh! I Was Doing So Well!!

Nothing like a nice cruise to break up my newly reformed blogging habit! I just looked at the calendar to see that the end of March is upon us, and then looked at my blog to see that I hadn’t blogged since the end of February. Ahhhhh!

So here I am, checking in, and resolving once more to get back on track. I read blogs where people post a few times a week, but that really doesn’t seem to work for me. If I don’t get into the daily habit, it just seems to end up on the perpetual “I’ll do it tomorrow” list. So this is going to be a “this and that” catch up blog post, and then April is a new month!

It’s been one of those months where it doesn’t seem like we really did that much, and yet it went by so fast. I guess that’s an indication of how much we like it here, because our time goes like that every year. We never get restless and feel like we’ve been here too long. Our winter in Avon Park is starting to wind down though, and the best indication of that is in the number of empty spaces around us, and more closed up park models that we see every day on our walk around the park. It’s become a sort of memory game for Harry and me – was this one closed up yesterday…oh here’s a new one that looks empty…. We still have a little over three weeks left here, so looks like we’ll be closing the place this year. In terms of part-timers anyway. There are about a hundred full time residents, who watch us all leaving like the residents of a tourist town looking forward to the off season. haha

Even though it’s been a great winter here in Florida, I am starting to look forward to heading north. We get frequent reports of what’s going on with our two grandsons in Ohio, and of course they will look like they’ve grown up so much since we’ve been gone! I am ready for lots of little boy hugs and kisses!

I think this has been the nicest winter weather-wise since we’ve been retired. Really, it was almost perfect. The past two days have been the first really hot days, and the first time that we’ve turned on the air conditioning since we’ve been here. It was definitely good for the electric bill. And happily, once we leave here, we won’t have any more electric bills until we get back next winter. Our stays in each place this summer are going to be shorter than usual, so we won’t have to think about that this year.

Believe it or not, we are also signed up for our next gig at Amazon already. This is going to be year #5 for us. It will be a longer season too, if they start people as early as the last two years, because we have given the beginning of August as our available date. We talk occasionally about how long we’re going to continue doing the fall season at Amazon, and I think we have set our goal at ten years. So after this year, we will be halfway through our Amazon career! haha (I think we will be almost as excited for FULL retirement as we were for our first one.)

Tomorrow begins a new month, and my endeavoring once more to get, and stay, on track with my blog posts!!


  1. Don't worry about the blogging!! It's just good to hear from you. I try to keep mine going but its hard when you're not moving too much!! With my last CT scan we might be able to wander a but more.
    It has definitely been a mild winter.
    You guys certainly are good Amazon employees!! 😀

  2. 5 more years??!! You'll own the place by then :)

  3. Wondering what kind of pension you hardy folks can expect! They should at least give anyone a HUGE bonus that have the fortitude to work 10 seasons.

  4. wish you to get more and more inspitation every year!