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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Getting Busy


The traffic around the park is really starting to pick up. The official season starts November 1st, and a lot of people apparently coming in during the weeks right before that. Every day there are more people driving around in their golf carts, and several rvs have come in also over the past days.


The new grass is really starting to fill in. It’s been a little over a week and already you can barely see the lines between the individual pieces of sod.

The grass is called St.Augustine grass. It’s a very hardy, tough, hot weather grass. It feels weird to walk on compared to what we are used to from up north. We understand it takes 3 to 4 weeks before it will be rooted and ready for mowing.


Harry replaced the light on the outside a couple days ago. We had another outside light next to the sliding glass door on the inside on what was the older part of the house. When they added the Florida room, they put another light outside but it was very rough looking from 10+ years of being exposed to the weather.


We weren’t using the light on the inside so Harry removed it and put it up outside. Eventually we are going to get a motion activated light for the outside but this will do for now.


We have been going for an evening walk every night. The weather has gotten so nice, and the evening breezes are very pleasant. We’ve even opened the windows a couple times.


We have been doing great with our exercising. Since it gets so warm during the day, we’ve been getting up early and going for our run at 6 am. I love watching the sun come up as we are finishing up. We get to see some beautiful morning skies.

Harry got a call from Publix and he starts work on Tuesday afternoon. I am waiting to get a call from Home Depot, probably on Monday or Tuesday. We are both excited to get going with our new jobs.


  1. I keep forgetting we have a Publix here in Cullman. Gonna have to try it. I have heard of that type of grass for warmer climes. I think that's primary what they use in Louisiana too.

  2. We had St. Augustine grass at our former home...we loved it!!!
    I read somewhere yesterday that the snowbirds were heading south!! I'm sure you all will see more and more!!
    Good luck with your new positions...enjoy!!