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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Well, this blog post title could refer to a few things…finally a blog post!?! Haha I was doing so well with posting every few days before Irma, and then two weeks away just threw us off our game. I’m not sure what we’ve been doing since we got back, but it’s gone by fast anyway.

pmirma2But happily, the title refers to more than just that. We have had some exciting days!

This has been our view of the house since April….sand, sand, sand. The past few weeks we had really gotten sick of it being tracked in all the time.

But last Thursday we had such a welcome sight!


Yes, our sod finally came in!

Since then we have had great weather for the sod. Not super hot, and quite a few rain showers. Plus our new sprinkler system is working nicely. Love looking out the windows and seeing green grass!

We have had a couple other welcome changes. Last week Harry got a couple calls for job interviews – with Lowe’s and Publix. He had the Lowe’s interview first and then the interview at Publix on Thursday. He had a good feeling about the Publix interview and his instincts were right on, as later the same day he had a phone call offering him the job! Yay! What good news.

Our good news streak continued over the weekend when I got an email from Home Depot about an application I had submitted. They were inviting me to interview for the job of lot associate. I had the interview yesterday. When they heard about my previous job experience, especially the work I did at Amazon, they offered me a job as an order picker. It sounds a lot like what I did as a picker at Amazon, except in a building that is probably a quarter of the size of the Amazon warehouse – and all on one level! So I am extremely happy! And now that we both have jobs, I can take a deep breath and stop worrying about whether we will find work down here. It was a leap of faith for us to give up the sure thing at Amazon and come down to Florida instead, and I am so glad that it has worked out like we hoped it would. We have both taken the drug test and they are doing the background check, so hopefully we will be starting work early next week.


  1. The yard looks great! And congratulations on the new jobs. You both will do great and they will be glad to have you. Great timing to get settled in and into good jobs well before Christmas. Happy for you!

  2. Congratulations on your job finds and that pressure is off now. Your yard is looking really good.

  3. YEA!!!! Things are looking up down there.

  4. Love the grass! Congrats on the jobs! I worked for Lowes for about 6 months once - was ok - sounds like your HD gig will be awesome!

  5. like the poster above was saying working at Lowes was OK.. however working at Publix is awesome. good pay, great benefits and good food prices. win win win. Not sure about HD dont know anyone that really worked there myself so your experience will be good info.

    the place is looking real good with the new sod in place.. is that fescue or warm season type grass.. ?? around our area the fescue turns into hay in the heat.. :)

  6. Congrats on the jobs! Sounds like all the pieces are falling into place for you guys, and I'm happy for that. The grass looks terrific, and there's nothing like a nice lawn of St. Augustine. We're enjoying life off the road in northern MN, and ready for Winter's arrival, which won't be long coming now. I do still read blogs, but don't often comment. Don't often blog these days. Guess just busying enjoying life!