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Friday, October 19, 2018

Great Birthday Celebration

Today marks one week since Harry started work at Home Depot. The first day was orientation, and the next days after that mainly entailed completing all of the computer training. So yesterday was his first actual day on the floor. It went well and he is enjoying the job so far. I told him it will only get more comfortable as he learns the department and doesn’t have to try and remember where everything is located.

44350390_10218613262629527_8865553131694456832_nOther than work, the main event this week was my birthday on Wednesday. I hadn’t asked for the day off, but just luckily I wasn’t scheduled. I had a really nice day. 44288458_10218613262349520_5481299407037005824_nFor the third year in a row, I started off the day by running my age – this year 5.2 miles to represent 52 years. Every year on this run, I reflect on how lucky and blessed I am to be healthy and in relatively good shape.

Later in the day, we took a ride over to Lakeland in our new ride. On a side note, I am so enjoying having a car again. And what a difference it’s already made in our fuel bill. We would be burning up quite a bit of our profits going back and forth to work in the truck for sure. For my birthday, I looked for a new restaurant to go try and I didn’t even have to look on google maps to see if we would be able to park the beast there. haha

44333008_10156837714544766_432292989532897280_nWe went to a restaurant called Harry’s that has a New Orleans theme. I forgot to take a picture of the outside, but I did get this one from our booth. It had a really cool atmosphere. We went for lunch around 2 in the afternoon so it wasn’t busy at the time.


Wow, the food was SO good.


Our appetizer of crab cakes…


My Chicken Jolie Blonde with Corn Maque Choux (which was like a corn succotash)


Harry’s Cajun Seared Tuna


I also enjoyed a Rhythm and Blues Margarita.

It was a really wonderful birthday meal. Harry’s has locations in several other Florida cities, including Tallahassee and St. Augustine. If you happen to find yourself near one, check it out!


  1. Hi Jessica and Harry,
    Been awhile but for some reason found your blog again today!! Happy Birthday Jessica!!! 5.2 miles very impressive...great way to stay healthy:o)) Happy for Harry also with the Home Depot Job. Bill and I both work at HD. Bill for a few months and me for 10 years in the garden department until we finally went full time. Not a bad gig:o))
    Best to you both!!!

  2. Great idea to run your age! Sounds like you and Harry have settled in nicely to a "some" timer life. I'm filing for SS this month as I turn 62 in January. Woohoo!