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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Mysterious Kind of Day

Location: Catskill, NY (High 88, Low 64)

cardinal2So yesterday ended up being a day that began and ended with a mystery.

Harry and I had a relaxing morning sitting outside under the awning, enjoying the cooler air and lower humidity.





We are also enjoying more frequent visitors to our new window bird feeder. It took them a while to find it, but now I am filling it on a daily basis. Yesterday we had both a male and female cardinal come by, as well as various chickadees and an oriole. Very cool!

So…our two mysteries…yesterday Harry was writing the post about his water filter mod while I was reading blogs. I was interested to read on Rick’s blog about his changing to Google+ comments, and a couple people mentioning that doing this appeared to cut out all spam. I decided to give it a try and clicked the box linking my comments to Google+.

A little bit later Harry finished his blog post and we uploaded it to the blog. A few comments rolled in. Couple hours later, Harry says, oh still no comments? That seemed odd as I had already been reading them. Upon further review we discovered that I could only see the comments on my computer. Not on Harry’s computer, and not on either of our phones. I ended up chatting a bit on Google+ with Rick about this, and he got on Harry’s computer and took a look himself. Still a mystery. We discovered that Harry could only see the comments if he used Firefox, and I think they eventually showed up IMG_6086on Internet Explorer too. But I still couldn’t see them on my phone, on either the mobile or web versions. Just ended up being too frustrating, so my little foray into Google+ comments lasted only until late afternoon. I think I will wait a while yet before I try again – there still appear to be a few kinks in the system. Smile

After that, we had a relatively normal evening, with no puzzlements to ponder. Just as we were getting ready to go to bed, it started pouring. If we don’t have the a/c on, I usually like to sleep with the windows by the bed open, but last night that wasn’t possible since the rain was coming in. So I turned the a/c on in “fan only” mode.

Nice comfy air…all was well…we settled in for a good night’s sleep…

Well, not so fast. About an hour into our great night’s sleep, all of a sudden Harry says, HEY! The bed is wet! I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. We had a steady stream of water running out of the a/c!!! I turned off the fan and the water POURED out!! Oh my!! And outside it is still pouring.

So we piled the bedspread up on the foot of the bed with the wet area in the middle. It was warm enough in there that I wasn’t going to need any covering anyway. We laid on the bed for maybe the next hour watching the a/c. It’s just dripping at this point. Oh and the other weird thing was that it kept coming on by itself. I turned the switch off, and the fan would go off…and then a couple minutes later we’d hear it sputter to life and it would come back on – with the switch still on the off position! Just a day for mysteries I guess!

IMG_6075We ended up taking the cover off the a/c so we could take a look. Couldn’t see much. There was some residual water but it didn’t seem to still be coming in. Harry ended up turning the circuit breaker off to make sure it would stay off.



This morning Harry headed up on top of the roof to see what he could see. Well, he couldn’t see much. Other than being in need of a good cleaning, there were no obvious reasons why we should have had water last night. No blockages, no seal breaches that were visible. It’s a mystery.

IMG_6081We already have an appointment to take the fiver to Deiderich’s this Friday. Having the bearings replaced and a couple other maintenance issues taken care of.


Guess we have something else to add to their “to do” list.


  1. I think Mr. Murphy may have found a new place to hangout what with all the mysterious problems you seem to be having.

    Sure hope that water leak is an easy fix.

    As for the G+ Comments, I think it's a smart move to wait a bit until all of the kinks in this new system are worked out.

  2. Speaking for myself, I had to start using Chrome in order to make comments on certain blogs. I was then also able to see a few things on my own blog that I figured had "gone missing" or was being hidden. It was hidden. (I don't think anything ever goes missing?)
    Good luck.

  3. I haven't made the switch yet either. Someday but not yet. Sure hope they can figure out what went wrong with the A/C.

  4. I have to say I haven't had any problems. Now having said that...watch :) I use Google Chrome, the old Blogger interface (not live writer) and so far so good.
    Hope you guys figure out the AC problem. That must have been a shock to get dripped on in the middle of the night!