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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Busy Busy Busy!!

Location: Peru, NY (High 65, Low 53)

Wow, I think this is one of the longest breaks I have ever taken since I started this blog! I always have a little more trouble coming up with trip3topics when we are sitting in one place. It’s not been because there is nothing going on though. We’ve been busy!


When I last left off, we were heading into Memorial Day weekend. We were pleasantly surprised that the campground wasn’t completely stuffed. Although trip2I’m sure that the owners would have preferred wall to wall people, the sites on either side of us remained empty. There were a lot of tenters though, and rigs in other sections of the campground. Our across the street neighbors, Bill and Gail, invited us over to share a yummy BBQ on Sunday.

That week, we had our usual stuff going on – our training runs, shopping etc. Plus Harry was working through his to-do list of items he wanted to get accomplished before our road trip.



This past Saturday we headed into Albany for our next event – the Freihofer’s Run for Women! This was my first 5k. Harry got a great picture of me and my sister Denise.






The Run for Women is a huge event with over 4100 runners!





Here I am running for the finish line! What a great time!




Yesterday it was time for our first road trip of the summer – north to Iroquois Campground in Peru, NY.


We are all settled in for the next few days. It’s going to perube another weekend with a lot going on. My mother is retiring after about 35 years working for the local doctor. He is retiring and closing his office. So we will be going to a reception for them on Saturday, and then Sunday is our half marathon in Lake Placid. So like I said in my title, we’re busy busy busy!!


  1. I know what you mean about the blog. We work on the weekends, which pretty much takes up our whole two days. During the week, we're relaxing, or running errands. When I start moaning about nothing to do, I remember those days before hitting the road and never having time to do nothing! Good luck on your half marathon!

  2. You all got lucky with the sites on either side of you remaining empty through Memorial Day weekend. Keep things a little more quiet!!
    Good luck with the half marathon!!