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Monday, June 16, 2014

Lake Placid Half Marathon June 8th

Location: Catskill, NY (High 77, Low 50)


We left bright and early from Peru – too early actually – around 5:30 am, to make the drive to Lake Placid. Lake Placid does not have a lot of free parking and we really wanted to get there early enough to snag a spot in one of the parking lots available for the runners.

lake placid1

It actually worked out great as we had some time to walk around the town, and we stopped by Mirror Lake to take a few early morning pictures.



The time went by faster than I had expected it to, and all too soon it was time to line up for the start of the race.


I was feeling really good about my preparation for the race and all in all was very pleased with the results. I was able to run for the first 9.5 miles or so, and then did a run/walk for the last 3 miles and change. Harry finished before Denise and I, so he was at the finish line to get a few shots of us coming in.



Denise and I coming down the last stretch before heading to the finish!





Across the finish line!











Another successful race under our belts!!


After getting cleaned up, we walked (slowly) to a nearby restaurant for some well-deserved nourishment!











Enjoying some downtime!



Unless something unexpected comes up, that’s it for running events for this year. Denise and I are still running 5 days a week, so we are planning to stay in shape and we are already looking forward to some fun races next year!