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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Road Trip and Test Run

Location: Catskill, NY (High 85, Low 66)

This past weekend we took a road trip to CT to have our first visit of the summer with Harry’s son Andrew and his girlfriend Amanda. Unfortunately we aren’t able to stay any closer to them as they live on the eastern side of CT and I haven’t been able to find any rv parks closeby. So we have to go the day trip route. 

We were happy to have such a nice day for traveling. We didn’t realize how close they were to NY City. We were all the way across the Tappan Zee Bridge before we took the exit to 95 East into CT. From there it was just a few miles to their place in Stamford, CT.

Andrew and Amanda live in an area of Stamford where there is a lot of development, and it is a short walk from their apartment to all kinds of restaurants and shopping.

We took a walk around the area over to the waterfront where we enjoyed a nice meal next to the water.

The view from our table…

We had a great visit although it went by too quickly. We are looking forward to seeing them again when we are back in this area in July.

We are getting pretty close to departure day. You may remember just over two weeks ago when Harry spent part of a day repairing the underside of the slide floor. (Slide Floor Repair) He’s checked it out a few times since then and it appeared to have set really well. Even though there’s not much we could do if it didn’t work, we still wanted to bring the slide in before we left just to see how it would go. So today was the day.

It’s hard to see, but you can see something like a white stripe where the roller ran on the strip that Harry attached. Seems to have been a successful repair!

Harry decided he wanted to get the rig washed before we head out of here. Even though it was a cloudy morning, the day was quite warm and pleasant for doing things outside that involve water.

We just have a few days left here before we head north to the Adirondacks for the month of June.


  1. June in the mountains sounds great. Will it be cool?

    1. It should be pleasantly cool I think. The temps there are usually about ten degrees cooler than here. Nice sleeping weather. :)