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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scouting Out a New Spot

Location: Catskill, NY (High 77, Low 54)


This week we started in with our first appointments of the summer, dental appointments for both of us. While mine wasn’t quite as good as it was last year, I am happy that at least I don’t have to have any major work done, just a couple filling repairs.


This week Harry has an eye appointment, and we both have our yearly physical appointments on Wednesday. Three more to be checked off our list!


11245224_10207163076502030_2081944726_oThe other big event for this week was finding a new campground in the area. It was a pretty random occurrence, as we just happened to be driving along a country road and saw a small campground turn sign. On a whim, we decided to go check it out and found what looks to be a hidden gem.


We stopped at the office and asked if we could drive around. The people in the office were very friendly and welcoming. They told us that much of the campground was wooded and filled with seasonal campers, however they did have some open sites in a field which would fit a rig our size.


11229533_10207112312712967_1556299281_oOn top of the beautiful site, there is a big plus to this campground… which is that it is closer to Albany and to my sister’s house. So we have decided to give it a try and will stay here later this summer.

The only real disadvantage to this campground is that it doesn’t have a sewer hookup. We have always stayed in full hookup campgrounds, so this is going to be a new experience for us. They do offer a pump-out service on a weekly basis, so we will have a new learning curve for the first couple weeks.

Given that view, we are willing to work with it.


  1. Enjoy your summer. Hate doing the whole appointment thing when we're at "home base" but has to be done. Hope everything goes well :-)

  2. so what is the name of this gem? we might be visiting some folks near Albany this summer and will be looking for a site...

    1. It is the Earlton Hill Campground in Earlton, NY. It's about 25 minutes from Albany.


  3. That open field looks inviting. We'll be interested to get your review after you've stayed there a while.

  4. It is always a nice surprise to find new campgrounds like this! Barb and I rarely have full hookup sites and can easily go a week without sewer hookups. We have never had a mobile pump out service however, do they charge for that?

    1. They do charge in that you pay the rate for a full hookup site even though it's water/electric.

  5. Great pictures! I hope the hookup sewage site works out for you!

  6. You always have such nice header photos. Good luck with your medical checkups.
    Bev in NS