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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Made It Through the First Full Week

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 81, Low 61)

Our first full week of ten hour shifts is complete! Picking is very different from working in receiving. Even though all the jobs entail being on your feet for the full ten hours, the part of your body getting the workout is completely different. In Receiving, you spend a good part of your day lifting and opening boxes of product. Hands and arms get sore from holding a scanner and using a box cutter to open boxes over and over all day. Of course feet and legs and back muscles are all used as well. It’s a full body workout.

What we are finding in Picking is that there isn’t any heavy lifting component to the job. We might occasionally have to open a box if there is a pallet of product to pick from and there isn’t an open box, but it is very infrequent. I think I have opened two or three boxes so far. But there is a lot of walking! (We decided last week to order Fitbits which arrived on Tuesday. So yesterday was our first day wearing them.) Yesterday I took 29,341 steps. That’s 12.05 miles which included 13 flights of steps. Harry took 30,015 steps for a total of 13.29 miles and 23 flights of steps. Whew! Besides walking, picking involves doing a lot of squats when you have to pick a product from a lower bin. So we’re getting our exercise.

We had intended to work an overtime day today, but we weren’t exactly heartbroken to arrive at work Tuesday morning to find that they had cancelled the voluntary overtime. We would have worked it, but we’re not sad to be sitting at home in our chairs with our feet up instead.

Next week is going to be a different one. They are doing a lot of construction at this facility. In fact, it’s pretty much a complete overhaul. In order to maintain the schedule and give the contractors some more space etc. to work, they will be shutting down the outbound departments for the next week. Everyone in Outbound had the choice to take voluntary time off (VTO) if they wanted, or to work Inbound for those days. We obviously didn’t want to take a week off, so we shall see what we will be doing next week when we arrive on Sunday for the first day of our next work week.

Two weeks down!

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  1. I see on FB that they are allowing Fit bits now, good thing. We chose receiving and picking as our jobs this year, so we'll see. Can't wait to get there!