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Thursday, September 17, 2015

An Early(er) Week Done

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 84, Low 56)

Over the past two years, when Harry and I worked in Receiving, we got used to the 6 am start time and never really gave it much thought. This year when we started in Outbound, one of the side benefits was that we would have an extra half hour in the morning with a 6:30 start instead. Wow, we didn’t realize what a difference that half hour made until this past week when we had to go in for the earlier time. As part of the construction process in preparation for opening the newly redone area of the facility, they had to shut down the conveyer system. They offered VTO to everyone and a good percentage of people took it. But it was still pretty crowded with everyone who was working on the same shift with the same break and lunch times.

It was a different week, kind of reminded me of being in a school for the last week before classes end. There were a lot of little teams going around doing little projects. I spent a day and a half helping to take apart computer work stations in the old pack part of the building. Harry spent an “exciting” day going around straightening bins. The rest of the time we were doing consolidation picking. Basically picking product out of a section of the building that is going to be renamed so it could be stowed somewhere else. We have one more day of this on Sunday before we resume our normal schedule.

All the scuttlebutt is that we are going to be very busy once we resume normal operations next week. I think we are ready for it. We have now had two full weeks of work and are feeling pretty good. We’ve been eating at the college several times a week. I find it really makes life a lot easier not to have to plan meals and spend my days off cooking.  It’s also good for the budget at $12 for both of us to eat dinner. Definitely something we are going to take advantage of over the next three months.

Next week should be an interesting one as we get back into more normal operations. I know we’ll sure be looking forward to getting back to our regular start time!

Three weeks down!


  1. I know George is looking forward to the college dining hall. I can't wait to start Amazon!

  2. Oh yes! I would gladly pay $12.00 to not have to think about (or actually do) the dinner cooking. Oh yea!