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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Report From the Half Way Point

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 61, Low 37)

Happily everything is back to normal at home. After our three days off last week went by without any altercations between the cats, we decided it was safe to leave them out together while we were at work (after clipping Ariel’s nails to be on the safe side). No problem. We’ve now gone all week with the cats out and about 24/7 and it is so nice to have the extra litterbox, bowl of food and water and cat scratching pad out of our bedroom! It took two weeks for us to get them back to reacquainted status after the one day at the vet’s office. Phew. That was an unexpected complication.

We have now finished week nine at work and are officially past the half way point now. Things are definitely starting to pick up. The only thing keeping us from being really busy is the fact that there is still a significant portion of the building which is empty and waiting for product. The process of bringing in the apparel has ramped up into serious high gear, with Inbound going into mandatory 60 hour weeks starting Sunday.

They had the employee meeting yesterday where they go over the projections for overtime etc for peak season, and it looks like we’re going to get five good weeks of overtime starting in mid November. Since we have been here, the whole facility has been on an abbreviated five day week with all of the shifts either working Sun to Wed or Mon to Thurs. That ends this weekend with the return to seven day operations on Sunday. So now we have to acclimate our brains to our new work schedule. Good thing my phone tells me what day it is.

Physically, I am still feeling really good. I have to say that picking is the job I have enjoyed the most at the facility. I like all the walking (55 miles this week), and after two months, my legs have acclimated pretty well so that they’re not even usually sore and tight at the end of the day like they were in the beginning.  I’ve also been very happy that I have managed to keep up my running on our days off. (Last week I ran 12.5 miles on our three days off.) With all the exercise, and keeping track of my calorie intake, I’ve lost 13.5 pounds since we started work on August 31st. I am hoping to get down at least 20 pounds before we leave here at the end of the year. I’m off to a good start!

Nine weeks down, eight to go!


  1. Geesh....got to get used to making comments on my tablet. As I was saying....good going. I wanna lose weight but not on the Amazon plan.

  2. Jessica and Harry,

    Glad to hear the kitties are back to normal and getting along. Sounds like y'all are busy there as well. We just went to mandatory 55 hours (50 for us Camperforce). Sue and I are both in recieving, she has been working the line and I have been on the docks doing line loading for the last couple of weeks!

    At stand up yesterday they officially declared November 1 as start of peak for us. Whoo hooooooooooooo!

    We have both lost over 10 lbs so far and our bodies are just getting use to the physical side of the work!

    Hope your peak season is a good one!