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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Start of Mandatory Overtime

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 75, Low 66)

We were a little surprised to get into work on Sunday for the first day of our work week to see that mandatory overtime had been called for all of Outbound. 12204080_10208452262290869_1931511208_oEven an optional 60 hour week is available. Harry and I have decided that we aren’t going to do 60s this year. It just wipes us out too much to have only the one day off per week. However, there are 3 weeks where 11 hour days are scheduled for one 52 and two 55 hour weeks and we do plan to do those. Things are about to get busy!



Meanwhile, everything is quiet on the home front. We are so happy to have the cats back to their normal laid back state of life.



In fact, the other day I looked over and Ariel was relaxing in the sun being groomed. Queen of her castle once more.



I12194107_10208442966018468_1808389655_o have been doing a great job of keeping up my running. In the month of October I ran all but two of our days off. 51 miles total! I’m not trying to increase my mileage though. Just running four to five miles at a time at least a couple days per week so I don’t lose all the progress I have made.


I think I may have mentioned back in September that Harry and I were buying Fitbits to keep 12208892_10208468009644543_189929726_otrack of our miles at work. That Fitbit has been such a huge help to me on my continued weight loss journey. It keeps track of the calories I’m burning and I also put in what I’m eating so I know how many calories I’m taking in. I am now up to 16.4 pounds lost since August 31st which I am so excited about! I hope to be really close to my goal by the time we leave here next month.


  1. Going to have to look into fitbits. Is it just for runners?

  2. Way to go Jessica. You should be very proud of your fitness accomplishment. I don't comment often but check in on your blog every couple of weeks.
    Bev in NS.

  3. Time is really going by fast! Love seeing those fat paychecks in the bank :)

  4. Just a few short weeks between VTO and mandatory overtime, funny how quickly things change. Stay away from those 60 hour weeks......sounds brutal!