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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Six Weeks Down and Lots of Walking

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 62, Low 52)

I missed my update last week! Recap - It turned out to be a really busy couple days off. Harry had been feeling some abdominal discomfort, so on Wednesday we took advantage of VTO offered towards the end of the day and made a trip to a local urgent care facility. We thought we already knew what the issue was – another run in with diverticulitis, and the PA at the clinic agreed with us, and gave Harry a prescription. He started taking it right away that evening, and by the next day he was already starting to feel better. We also worked five hours “overtime” on Thursday. It wasn’t really overtime because we had taken VTO on Sunday afternoon at the end of that work shutdown. But it brought us almost back up to a normal check. Then we had just two days to do all of our normal “weekend” type stuff.

This week was our first full back to normal type week. And the theme of the week was – LOTS of walking. Its actually the opposite of what you would expect. The slower times for orders are when the pickers do the most walking. That’s because we walk more in between each pick. The aisles are very long, and when you pick one item and then walk all the way to the end of the next aisle for the next product, and then repeat, it makes for many miles at the end of the day. So these are my mile totals for the week – Sunday: 14 miles, Monday: 16 miles, Tuesday: 17 miles and Wednesday: 17.5 miles for a total of 64.5 miles walked!! (Harry was right behind me with 61.5.) Sunday and Monday night my legs were pretty achy. But by the last couple evenings I was just feeling tired and a little stiff. I’m glad that we have good comfortable shoes. They may need to be replaced by the end of this season though.

We are grateful to have the college dining room for our dinners. We are going over there most days for our evening meal. After all that walking throughout the day, the last thing I feel like doing is coming home and making supper. The only meal I have to plan on cooking at home is on Sunday, as they have the main meal at midday.

Well, I can hardly believe it, but we now have six weeks complete of our third Amazon season. We expect to be here about 17.5 weeks, so we are a third of the way through.


  1. Wow, 6 weeks already - and thats a lot of miles. I would definitely take advantage of the cooked meals if I was there. A lot of the National Park jobs have employee dining rooms.

  2. I bet a FitBit has a difficult time keeping up with all those steps!! You and Harry, should consider a season at Pelton Park with Judy and I. Portland General has great pay and benefits and you don't have to walk, you have a gator. If interested send me an email.

  3. That is a lot of miles!!! Not having to worry about meals is a great thing.