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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One Heck of a Busy Week

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 51, Low 30)

The title says it all! Since I last posted the update for last week, we have been run run running like crazy.

12314860_10208589040150230_328281333_oThe week started out with a fantastic Thanksgiving Day celebration. Every day since Thanksgiving has been super wet and rainy, but not last Thursday. We woke up to a beautiful blue sky.


I took advantage of the beautiful morning to start the day with a five mile run. I feel so good that I have managed to do at least a few runs right through the season. Last year I stopped i12294977_10208589798369185_695901272_on early October, which made getting back to it in January feel like starting all over again.

After a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, we got busy getting the stuffing made and turkey ready to go in the roaster oven. Both of our previous Thanksgivings on the road, we looked for a restaurant that was open for the day, and it just didn’t do it for us. So this year we decided we were going to cook instead. A few of our friends also cooked some of the dinner so no one had to spend all day in the kitchen.



We also had some time for hanging out and just enjoying a glass of wine.





Our great spread!





Let’s just say no one went home hungry!





It was a great and relaxing Thanksgiving Day.



And good thing we had a nice day of relaxation…because the next day was BLACK FRIDAY!! In preparation for the day, the Outbound schedule was modified to eleven hour days, adding one half hour on each end of the day. Campers are not required to do more than ten hours, but of course we are encouraged to do so if we can.

So far Harry and I are managing the hours pretty well. We are tired, of course, and ready for the season to be over, but we’re not feeling as bone tired as we used to when we worked in Receiving. (Even with all the miles we walk each day, it’s just not as physical a job as hefting big heavy boxes out of trucks.)  So as of yesterday, we have worked five eleven hour days in a row. As a department, in Outbound days, we picked over 140k units on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we were slated to do over 120k yesterday. I didn’t hear if we made it. As far as walking, I walked 16.5, 17.5, 18.7, 18.8 and 17 miles for a total of 88.5 miles in five days!!! Yes it has been ONE BUSY WEEK.

We have two more eleven hour days on Saturday and Sunday and then we go back to tens. That is when the rest of the department goes to mandatory 60s, but as I’ve mentioned previously, we aren’t going to do that this year. We are still planning to stick with 55 hour weeks, so that will mean for two weeks we will have to go in for a half day on one of our days off. Half days aren’t bad when you get off at 11 in the morning. At this point we just have our eyes on the finish line!

We still have a couple weeks left until we find out our release date, so we are just planning on working until the very end, and if we get released a day or two earlier, we will just be pleasantly surprised. Either way, it won’t be long and we’ll be packing up and heading on down the road.

At the most, we have fifteen full days left to go!

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  1. Glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Wow - five mile run on your day off after all that work. Impressive. Keep it up -- looks like you all are going to finish strong. Almost done...