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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lotsa Numbers – 2015 Amazon Wrap Up

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 83, Low 71)

This morning we got the email notification that our last paycheck was visible in ADP, so with our last payday that will officially bring an end to the 2015 Amazon Peak season.

So a few numbers from the season…

Hours Worked

This was a great season for overtime.

We had…

  • one 23 hour introductory week
  • eight 40 hour weeks (On one of those weeks Harry missed 2.5 hours due to a vet appt. and we left 30 minutes early that day for VTO.)
  • three 50 hour weeks (starting November 8th)
  • one 52 hour week
  • three 55 hour weeks
  • one 30 hour week for our last three days.


This category is pretty straightforward. Harry made $9508.31 gross and I made $9529.42 gross for a total of $19,037.73. That includes our normal income and our bonus for completing the season. We were very happy with how much we made during this year’s peak.


We bought Fitbits after we got there, so the first week wasn’t included in the data. But since we started wearing them on September 4th, I walked 2,286,143 steps for a total of 1032.71 miles. That’s an average of 32,199 steps or 14.55 miles per work day.


Thanksgiving Day RunOne of my goals for this season was to keep up my running. I feel pretty good about what I was able to accomplish. I ran every week throughout the peak season up until Thanksgiving. After that we were working 55 hour weeks and I just didn’t have the energy. But despite that I managed to run 24 times for a total of 92.45 miles.


August 2015This last number is my favorite. I was pretty discouraged about my weight when we arrived in Kentucky. I had really gotten out of the habit of running and watching what I eat over the summer. As a result, I had gained back about ten pounds since April.December 2015 Once we received our Fitbits, I was really determined to get back on track with counting calories. That, and the fact that we were walking so much at work, really jumpstarted my weight loss again and as of our last day of work, I had reached my goal for the season by losing 25.7 pounds!

So far I’ve lost a total of 56.5 pounds since October 1, 2012 and I have ten pounds to go to reach my final goal. Now it’s time to see what I can accomplish now that we are finished with work for the next nine months.


  1. The job you had at Amazon was a perfect fit for your weight loss program. Starting to look like a teenager again. LOL!
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It is so hard to take off weight and SO EASY to put it back on, especially after 50. I have to work on that this winter as well. It was great meeting you in person this year!

  3. Impressive numbers, especially the weight loss one! Definitely hard to keep it off, but we all try for sure!