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Thursday, December 10, 2015

We Are Almost There!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 60, Low 51)

This has been another week of many hours. Since our actual pay week runs from Sunday to Saturday, our “weekend” falls in the middle of the week. Right now, we are halfway through another 55 hour week. The eleven hour days ended last Saturday and we were very glad to see them end. I had initially thought that five eleven hour days would be easier to do than five ten hour days and a half day. But now that I’ve done both, I think I’ve changed my opinion. Working eleven hour days is very tiring.

Officially we have ten days left to work. We were all notified that there wouldn’t be any early releases this year, so our last day of work is scheduled for Tuesday December 22nd. There was that tantalizing word “tentative” included though, so that hasn’t stopped all the campers from hoping yet that we will get to head out a day or two early. There is a real sense of excitement now as people start to look toward the end. Very often as we meet campers throughout the day at work, even people we really don’t know, it’s very common to hear the question, “so where are you guys headed next?” Most people are heading south for warmer weather, although there are a few people who go north to spend the holidays with family.

And speaking of warmer weather, this has been a great season for our propane budget. Amazon pays for our electric but not for propane. We have several electric heating options, and the main one is our heat pump which only works down to a certain temperature, the low forties basically. If it gets colder than that we use our furnace. Last fall we spent $208.35 on propane. Yesterday Harry took our propane tank over for only our second fillup of the whole season. So our total is $35.82. Very nice! And looking at the ten day forecast we will probably not have to use our furnace again while we’re here.

Since we have only one more weekend before our departure, we started doing our “getting ready to leave” chores yesterday. Harry got the outside stuff put away and12363884_10208673518862145_695163394_o I started to pack up our pictures and the other odds and ends that get left out when we’re in one place for an extended period of time.

Ariel is thinking “uh oh, I know what happens when this container comes out! Traveling day!”

Harry and I are both ready to go and counting down every day! At the most, TEN work days left!


  1. I agree, 5 10 hours and a half day of 5 hours is not a bad way to do it. That's what I was doing for a few weeks during voluntary OT. Glad I did now that inbound has had OT cancelled. Isn't it a strange peak this year?

    1. It sure is. They VTO'd two whole shifts today. It was so quiet with so many people gone.